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Are You a Guardian Angel?

by GregP_WN.

We recently posted a truly inspirational story about Jim Bond, (Patient 007) and his wife, Kathleen. In the story we learned that Jim is battling multiple myeloma—truly battling. He’s participated in clinical trials, shared his experience with patients, health care providers, and the general public, to raise awareness about MM. If anyone deserved a guardian angel, it was Jim

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In 2012, he was at a cross-road in his treatment. His oncologist determined he needed to be matched with a donor for...

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7 Funny Responses to “But You Don’t Look Sick!”

by GregP_WN.

We’ve all had that moment, and we can all probably see it coming—the momentary flash of confusion passing over the face of a friend, co-worker, or complete stranger who’s just learned about your cancer…and can’t quite compute why you don’t fit the “look” of a cancer patient. And then the words come tumbling out: “But you don’t look like you have cancer!” or “You look so good!”

Maybe It's Maybeline

1. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

This short, well-intentioned phrase can come as a compliment to some and a smack in the...

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James Bond, Multiple Myeloma, and a Few Bikes

by GregP_WN.

Kathleen was speechless when the doctor told them that Jim had stage three multiple myeloma, a rare form of cancer affecting the blood. They had recently celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary. Now, here was a doctor telling them that they might never celebrate another one. The next steps were uncertain. They both felt loss: A loss of words, a loss of being, a loss of control. Jim had already lost his mother and sister to cancer. He was afraid he was next.

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Kathleen and Jim were not going...

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10 Things Every Person With Cancer Might Want to Avoid

by Brittany McNabb.

We avoid traffic, confrontation, and other day-to-day unpleasantries that make us unhappy. So, when we are fighting cancer, you may think there would be some things we might want to avoid. If we avoid a few little things, we might find our lives enriched. Here are 10 things WhatNexters avoid during and after their battle with cancer. Remember that these are just suggestions and you might have your own too.

10 Things Every Person With Cancer Might Want To Avoid

1. Avoid making cancer your identity.

I Am Not My Cancer


You have most likely heard...

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Move Over Cancer, Here Comes Pet Therapy!

by Guest Blog.

On a recent flight, I sat across the aisle from a very sweet mixed-breed “emotional support” dog. His owner was next to the window, and the pooch and I seemed to be the only two on the plane who weren’t dozing off. I said, “How do you do?” And offered my hand. Instantly, a paw went up in answer. In a quiet voice, I said, “I’m not crazy about flying.” 

Cancer Therapy Pet

The dog seemed to nod in agreement. It was at that moment, I realized that if there wasn't a passenger in the seat right next to me, I...

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5 Truths About Cancer that are Easy to Forget

by Brittany McNabb.

Although we are all so familiar with the word: cancer, there are things that we might forget on a day-to-day basis. You may be too busy to stop and think about what's really going on or to remind yourself of those little things about cancer. Here are 5 truths that may help you or your loved ones cope with cancer.

5 Truths About Cancer That Are Easy To Forget

1. Cancer is beatable.

Cancer Is Beatable


Cancer is beatable and if it is not beatable for you, it is livable. We say this to encourage you. Please do not sell yourself short by...

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9 Things to Remember If You Love a Person With Cancer

by Brittany McNabb.

Cancer can often be the first thing you think of when you see or think about a person. Loved ones might not mean that in a harmful way, it just happens because it is in the forefront of everyone's mind. But, if you love someone with cancer, here are a few things you might want to remember. Feel free to pass these on to anyone you think might be touched by them or who is closely affected by cancer.

9 Things To Remember When You Love Someone With Cancer

1. People with cancer are still normal and want to talk about normal things.

Friends As A Distraction

"It feels good...

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How to Cope with Maintenance Cancer Treatment

by Brittany McNabb.

Cancer treatment for...forever? That can't be. But it's true, many people that are living with cancer as a chronic illness have had to learn how to cope with maintenance cancer treatment for the rest of their life. Maintenance treatment can be chemotherapy, taking medication regularly, or other forms of supportive care. The good news is that many WhatNexters have found that maintenance treatment has enriched their lives

How To Cope With Maintenance Cancer Treatment

Here are some of their experiences and some advice on coping.


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7 Simple Actions Practiced by Cancer Patients Who are Loving Life

by Brittany McNabb.

To love life while you have cancer is truly an accomplishment. Some people make it look easy. Here are seven simple actions of people that have cancer but are still loving life. They are also making the decision everyday to live their life, not their cancer

Actions Of Cancer Patients Who Are Loving Life

1. They try to stay present in every moment.

Staying present in every moment could mean that you are giving the moment you are in all of your attention. It could also mean that you are practicing gratitude and taking everyday for...

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June Cancer Awareness Events

by GregP_WN.

June has several cancer awareness events and activities. Here is a list of what we are aware of.

National Cancer Survivors Day June 7th

2015 Rally Image

National Cancer Survivors Day is an annual Celebration of Life that is held in hundreds of communities nationwide and around the world.

NCSD will be held on Sunday, June 7. On this day, thousands of people will gather to show the world that there is life after a cancer diagnosis – and it’s something to celebrate. Mark the date and make a plan to celebrate...

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