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10 Things Successful Cancer Fighters Tell Themselves

by Brittany McNabb.

Our inner monologue can either work for or against us. What you tell yourself, as a cancer fighter, can be a huge contributing factor to your attitude in your fight. Here are 10 things that cancer fighters tell themselves for daily inspiration. 

10 Things Successful Cancer Fighters Tell Themselves

1. "You can be strong enough to fight this."

Successful cancer fighters don't limit themselves to saying they cannot fight. Remember, cancer is not a disease that can be controlled, but you can control your mind. You can control what words and...

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9 Things to Know When You are Diagnosed With Cancer

by Brittany McNabb.

Many WhatNexters can feel like they are entering this cancer business in the dark. But, once you've been diagnosed, fought like crazy, and come out on the other side - you might feel like an expert. This means that new cancer patients don't have to feel alone. Here are 9 things WhatNexters have shared about cancer that might help others before they are diagnosed or while they are fighting. 

9 Things To Know When You Are Diagnosed With Cancer

Remember to click through the images in this post for helpful articles on relevant information...

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5 Feelings of Anger When You Have Cancer and How to Manage Them

by Brittany McNabb.

Of the many emotions you experience when you are diagnosed with cancer, anger can be one of them. Though many WhatNexters have found a way to cope with anger, it is a daily struggle for some. You can wonder why you were diagnosed or misdiagnosed, you can feel like you are missing out on life, and you can wonder if you will ever feel normal again. Here are 5 feelings of anger and how others have learned to managed them.

Feelings Of Anger During Cancer And How To Manage Them

I get angry thinking...

1. Why me? Why did I get cancer?

"At first , I...

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From Getting Cancer Treatment to Giving Back - 14 Years of Survival

by Brittany McNabb.

WhatNexter chiefomni is a perfect an example of someone that was hit between the eyes with cancer but chose to fight, survive, and thrive. After a grueling journey with cancer, Bart decided to use his time and experience to educate others on esophageal cancer and what they can do to take their health into their own hands. Here is his story. 

From Getting Cancer Treatment To Giving Back

Warning Signs of Cancer

I happened to be on a business trip to Hamburg Germany when at dinner one night, a piece of steak got caught in my...

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Staying Positive and Keeping the Fear of Recurrence Away

by Brittany McNabb.

The fear of recurrence is normal and something that cancer survivors face daily. The fear of recurrence can have the power to paralyze WhatNexters from living their life to the fullest, but it does not have to. There are ways to stay positive and there are ways to conquer your fears. While it may not be easy, it is possible. Here are some ways to stay positive and keep the fear of recurrence away. 

Staying Positive And Keeping The Fear Of Recurrence Away

I choose happiness instead of fear.

"On the outside chance that I have a recurrence, I...

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What is all this stuff? Online Resources to Help You Understand Lab Results

by Blake Hoffmeyer.

For many WhatNexters, reading lab results can be intimidating or difficult. Fortunately, it does not have to be frustrating every time. Here we have explored six online resources that will help you understand your lab results, blood tests, and other information you receive from your doctor.

Online Resources To Help You Understand Lab Results

1. American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society's website gives a wonderful introduction to understanding what the various letters and numbers mean in your test results. They walk you through...

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Recognizing the Small Victories of Beating Cancer

by Brittany McNabb.

There are small victories in life and small victories when you are fighting cancer. Some days we might feel like we can't make it to that "big goal" remission or even to the doctors appointment at the end of the week. But we can celebrate the small obstacles we overcome and the small joys of life. Here are some victories that WhatNexters have recognized when it comes to beating cancer.

Ticklingcancer 5k Courage

[WhatNexter ticklingcancer running in his 5K.]

Good test results.

"My husband's CT showed that the...

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Loved Ones to Patients: Words to Inspire You to Keep Fighting

by Brittany McNabb.

As loved ones to people with cancer, sometimes it is hard to convey our feelings that we just want them to keep fighting. Loved ones don't claim to know exactly what patients are going through; but they do want to do their part to help inspire loved ones as they battle cancer. While this is true for most cancer patients, we must keep in mind that a small percentage have already come to terms with their situation, and are prepared for whatever may come.

Keep Fighting Encouraging Words

Here are 10 suggestions of things to...

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5 Tips on Telling Your Loved Ones You Have Cancer

by Brittany McNabb.

There is no exact formula to telling the people you love that you have been diagnosed with cancer. WhatNexters are always asking for tips on how to tell loved ones and the best advice we can come up with is to do it with as much love as possible. Here are 5 more specific tips from WhatNexters themselves. 

Telling Your Loved Ones About Cancer

Keep in mind that we do not consider ourselves experts but have simply taken a few suggestions from others and shared them in this post. Everyone is different and ultimately you must...

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7 Ways to Cope With Mood Changes During Cancer Treatment

by Brittany McNabb.

Changes in mood can be a side effect of cancer, prescription medications, anxiety, and just life. Maybe you have always been an emotional person or maybe cancer has brought on a different side of you (or many different sides of you). If you have experienced mood changes with cancer you know it can be quite frustrating. Here are eight ideas on how to cope.

How To Cope With Mood Changes During Cancer Treatment

1. Recognize a pattern.

Mood Swings

There can be upswings and downswings of your mood throughout cancer treatment. Mood swings don't always mean...

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