10 Healthy Snacks That Are Quick and Easy

by GregP_WN

Between chemo and cancer itself, it’s not uncommon to feel run down. And when chemo has you so nauseous or makes everything taste like sawdust, eating just doesn’t seem appealing—let alone eating healthy.

10 Quick And Easy Healthy Snacks

But never fear! We’ve come up with a list of healthy snacks to save the day! These snacks will help you satisfy hunger when it finally strikes. And we promise these delicious snacks won’t make you feel like you’re sacrificing flavor in order to eat healthy!

1. Cooked Eggs— None of that raw egg dropped into a smoothie nonsense here. We’re thinking more along the lines of hard boiled eggs that you can toss in a bag or container to have on hand when hunger strikes. Full of vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants. Sounds like a great triple threat!

Hard Boiled Eggs

2. Apples and Nut Butter—Cut up an apple and dip the slices in nut butter for a filling, nutritious snack. Make sure the nut butter is 100% all natural without fillers like sugar or preservatives. If you’re adventurous in the kitchen (and have a good food processor), you can even make your nut butter! Here is a great recipe for you to try! And to prevent your apples from turning brown, just sprinkle them with a little lemon or lime juice.

Apples And Nut Butter

3. Raw Veggies and Hummus—Hummus is another delicious dip you can make at home. You can season it whatever way you like and keep cut up veggies, like broccoli and cauliflower, or even some 100% whole-grain crackers on hand for an easy and filling snack!

Humus And Vegetables

4. Trail Mix—For this, the devil is in the details. Trail mix can become unhealthy very quickly, but fear not! We found a great site to help you customize your very own healthy snack. Let us know what your favorite creation is!

Trail Mix

5. Yogurt Parfait—There has been a lot of debate over whether yogurt parfaits are healthy or not, and we say it all depends on your ingredients. Start with the basics: plain, non-fat Greek yogurt. Then add some fruit, like fresh or frozen berries. Sprinkle with a modest amount of granola and sweeten with a little honey and a splash of vanilla extract. Remember to keep an eye on your portions and you’ll have a filling, sweet, and nutritious snack!

Yogurt Parfait

6. High-Protein Smoothie—If your mouth is sore from treatment, or if it’s just a plain hot day, nothing is more satisfying and soothing than a smoothie! Like the yogurt parfait, smoothies can fall down the slippery slope of being unhealthy. Here’s a list of some high-protein smoothies that will get you started on the right track!

High Protein Smoothie

7. Banana Milkshake—For a similar dessert a la healthy snack/meal replacement, there’s nothing better than a banana milkshake! Full of flavor and nutrients, this delicious snack is easy to take with you and sip on as you feel hungry.

Whole Grain Crackers And Goat Cheese

8. 100% Whole-Grain Crackers with Goat Cheese—Complex carbohydrates and a low-fat cheese full of protein! This snack is guaranteed to make you feel full and taste so indulgent you won’t realize it’s healthy for you!

Whole Grain Crackers And Goats Cheese

9. Avocado and Strawberries with Balsamic Vinegar—Looking for a light salad to stick to your ribs and excite your taste buds? Then this salad is the one for you!

Avacado And Strawberries With Balsamic Vinegar

10. Low-fat Bran Muffin with Fruit—Balancing fruit with a complex carbohydrate is a sure-fire way to stay full! We recommend pairing your favorite fruit with this healthy low-fat bran muffin!

Low Fat Bran Muffin With Fruit

Of course, this list is only the beginning! And remember, it’s only a guide. Depending on your personal dietary preferences, and as your dietary needs change through your treatment, items on this list may or may not apply to you. What’s most important is that you have an honest conversation about your doctor about what foods you should and should not eat. And If you have any ideas for a list of recipes we can put together for you, please let us know!

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