10 Scholarships Cancer Survivors Can Apply For

by Bea Potter

College can be a challenge for all students, financially and emotionally, but this is especially true for students recovering from cancer. Many students battling cancer may feel that there is no point in carrying on with their education, and the crippling costs of college tuition only exacerbates this.

10 Scholarships Cancer Survivors Can Apply For

What we can see is that pursuing a personal goal has a profound impact on a patient’s emotional and psychological recovery. To overcome the financial concerns, there are a wide range of groups that are dedicated to helping cancer survivors so that they can afford college tuition.

Most scholarships benefitting cancer survivors are privately funded, by charities, trust funds or professional associations. Because of this, the availability of the scholarships and the award amounts can change depending on current funding.

Here are ten scholarships that cancer survivors and oncology patients can apply for:

1. Cancer for College

This organization was founded by Craig Pollard in 1993 and offers a range of annual awards, from $250 to $4000. Both cancer patients and survivors can apply. Because the organization is in California, they give priority to applicants living in the State.

2. Cancer Survivors Fund

The Cancer Survivors Fund is a non-profit charity that was created to help survivors of cancer to raise the money needed to finish their college education. Four annual scholarships are granted by the fund.
Applicants must be enrolled in college, and either a cancer survivor or be undergoing treatment for cancer to be eligible. To apply, you must submit an essay discussing your experience with cancer, along with a medical history report. The amount awarded varies depending on your personal situation and financial needs.

3. Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation

Based in New York, the Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation offers peer to peer counselling and financial assistance for breast cancer patients. Every year they award up to eight scholarships of $1,000 maximum to students whose lives have been impacted by breast cancer.

4. Patient Advocate Foundation Scholarship for Survivors

“For students who have suffered, or are still suffering, with a life threatening disease, the PAF Scholarship for Survivors may offer some support,” says Robert Gaskell, a teacher at Revieweal and Academized. “To apply, you must be a college student under 25 and submit two letters of recommendation and a full medical history.”
For every year that students receive the award, they must complete at least twenty hours of community service. The scholarship is currently set at $3000.

10 Scholarships Cancer Survivors Can Apply To

5. Youth Cancer Survivor College Scholarship

As one of the biggest advocacy groups in America, the ACS funds the Youth Cancer Survivor College Scholarship. Students under 25 can apply if their cancer diagnosis was before their 21st birthday. The annual award is set at $1,000.

6. Beyond the Cure Ambassador Scholarship Program

This program awards scholarships to college students who survived a childhood cancer and can demonstrate the ability to overcome the challenges with motivation and determination. Every year, they award fifty eight scholarships that are chosen via a competitive application process. The award is a $3,500 grant. To apply, students must be under 25, must live in the US, have a minimum grade point average of 2.5 and have survived a childhood cancer or anaplastic brain tumor.

7. Cameron Siemers Foundation for Hope

The Cameron Siemers Foundation issues Life Grants to students between the ages of 18 and 30 who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. They give awards of up to $5,000 that is to be used to fulfil a goal, project or dream. The fund was set up by Cameron Siemers, who was diagnosed with HIV as a child and aims to help students to imagine, apply and create the life that they have dreamed of.

8. The Ulman Foundation

At the Ulman Foundation, they have a goal of helping young adults between the age of 15 and 39 to continue with their college education after a cancer diagnosis. The student can be either the cancer patient, or can be the relative of a loved one with cancer.
“The key point is that the scholarships are awarded to young adults who have been impacted by cancer in some way,” says Andi Vaughan, an educator at BoomEssays and Top Writing Services. “Applicants must be between the ages of 15-39 when the cancer diagnosis was given. If they are not the cancer patient, then an application can also be made if it is their parent, guardian, sibling or spouse who was diagnosed.”
Those who are awarded the scholarship will be given a total of $2,500 over the course of two academic semesters and the fees will be paid directly to the college. They can be used to apply for either undergraduate or graduate programmes. The current intake is being considered, but applications for the 2021-2022 academic year are expected to open later this year.

9. The Nicki Leach Foundation

Nicki Leach sadly lost her life to cancer at the age of 19 and this foundation was created to fulfil her primary mission which was “to find a way to help young adults who have cancer.”

They recognize that approximately 70,000 teenagers and young adults receive a surprise cancer diagnosis every single year and seek to support them. The Foundation’s mission is to raise financial support for research, but also to provide an annual education grant to one young adult per year. This is open to any students with a cancer diagnosis studying at the University of North Florida.

10 Scholarships Cancer Survivors Can Apply

10. The Izzy Foundation

Academic scholarships for all childhood cancer sufferers or their siblings are offered by the Izzy Foundation. The scholarships are offered in two different categories: grades K-11 and college and higher education.

The average grant is $500 per successful applicant and over the past five years they have awarded 88 scholarships totalling $132,000. To apply, the student must be a childhood cancer survivor or their bereaved sibling, with the cancer diagnosis being made before the age of 18. 

Applicants must supply a letter verifying the cancer diagnosis and they must be a citizen of the United States where they are attending college.

As an education expert, Beatrix Potter writes advice columns at both Assignment Help and College Assignment Help. In addition to her work writing about education and scholarships, she is also an online tutor at Oxessays Review Website.

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