10 Signs You're Fighting Cancer Better than You Think

by Brittany McNabb

If you're worried about having a week where you feel the doom and gloom of cancer, treatment, side effects, or fatigue, we are here to tell you that you are already fighting cancer better than you think. Fighting cancer is a full-time job and sometimes WhatNexters are too hard on themselves. Here are 10 signs you are fighting cancer better than you think. 

10 Signs You're Fighting Cancer Better Than You Think

1. You have reached out to other people with cancer.

Even the small step of joining the WhatNext community shows that you are fighting cancer better than you think. People that are willing to ask for and receive help are people that are willing to step out and fight. It can be hard to share your story with others, but if you have made the step of joining our family then you may be on your way to thriving, not just surviving cancer.

2. You have learned about your disease and how to advocate for yourself.

Easier To Stick To Your Treatment Plan

When you were diagnosed with cancer you may have felt like you knew nothing, now you know all the details of your cancer and are able to interface with your care team about the quality of your care. If you are having trouble advocating for yourself or getting the answers you need, remember that your voice will most likely be heard if you address your doctors in a professional and confident way. (You can even ask a loved one to help you do this.)

3. Even after hearing those three words, "You have cancer," you're still standing

The tragedy of those three words is more than many people will ever know. The fact that you are still standing and still fighting shows that you are already fighting better than you think. Some days, just getting out of bed with a positive attitude can be an accomplishment.

4. There are people that are willing to help you.

Spend Quality Time

You are fighting cancer better than you think because you have people that will help you. Even if it is an unlikely source, there are friends, family, and even strangers that are willing to help you. Be sure that you are accepting yourself because by letting them help you, you are making them feel validated and effective. One day you can pay it forward to them or to another person suffering with cancer.

5. You have laughed at yourself in the past 24 hours.

It takes a strong person to find a sense of humor in the midst of struggle. If you are able to laugh at yourself then you are certainly doing better than you think. 

6. You have bravely faced those side effects you only used to hear about before you had cancer.

Benefits Of Gratitude For People With Cancer

You know which ones...hair loss, neuropathy, chemo brain. You either have or are facing those scary side effects and that takes bravery no matter what. 

7. You've learned the meaning of the word patience.

You may not feel patient, but you practice patience everyday. Waiting for results, waiting for scans, waiting for the doctor to come in, waiting for this thing to be over...it all takes patience. Having patience means you are fighting better than you think and hopefully one day that patience will pay off.

8. You have already overcome considerable obstacles.

The interesting thing about survivorship is that you are considered a survivor the second after you are diagnosed; you are living with cancer which makes you a survivor. This means that you have already overcome one (if not many) considerable obstacles. Living with cancer is an obstacle and depending on where you are in your journey, many of you have probably overcome many more.

9. You have set a goal for yourself: fight cancer.

Keep Fighting Encouraging Words

Just the fact that you have set the goal of fighting cancer for yourself means that you are fighting better than you think. Hopefully you wake up every morning with your eye on that goal. Reminding yourself that there may be an end in sight can help you through your journey. 

10. You have a community that genuinely cares about your well-being.

Your WhatNext family cares about what happens to you, where you are in your fight, and how they can help you. If you need people that just get it, have questions at 2AM, or just need to vent about a recent happening with your cancer, we are here for you. 

In what ways do you feel you are fighting cancer a lot better than you think? How can we ease up on ourselves and give credit where credit is due? Feel free to comment and share below!

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