10 Things Successful Cancer Fighters Tell Themselves

by Brittany McNabb

Our inner monologue can either work for or against us. What you tell yourself, as a cancer fighter, can be a huge contributing factor to your attitude in your fight. Here are 10 things that cancer fighters tell themselves for daily inspiration. 

10 Things Successful Cancer Fighters Tell Themselves

1. "You can be strong enough to fight this."

Successful cancer fighters don't limit themselves to saying they cannot fight. Remember, cancer is not a disease that can be controlled, but you can control your mind. You can control what words and thoughts you believe. In an effort to work towards the best possible outcome, choose to tell yourself positive things

2. "Friends and family want to help you."

Telling Your Friend You Have Cancer

Cancer can make you feel like a burden. Successful cancer fighters accept help from people that offer it. Friends and family want to help you probably more than you even need help. They want to feel like they are contributing in some way, so in order to help yourself and help them feel more useful, let them.

3. "You can make time for physical activity."

Some of the most successful people, cancer fighters or not, are the ones that make time for physical activity. You might feel like you cannot fit it into your routine or that you are too tired, but sometimes the more you do, the more you can do. If starting a specific exercise routine is too daunting, just start walking every other day and go from there. Talk to your doctor about what your body can handle. 

4. "One day will be better."

Even when you feel there is no hope, you have to tell yourself that one day will be better - if not today, then maybe tomorrow. Your loved ones can help you take things one day at a time and look forward to better days to come.

5. "Your deserve to be heard by your doctors."

Talk To Your Doctor About Mood Changes

Successful cancer fighters advocate for themselves and tell themselves that they deserve to be heard by their care team. 

6. "Being healthy will make a difference now."

Some people have the idea that it's too late to start healthy habits. It's never too late. For example, even  just 12 hours after quitting smoking , the carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal. Healthy habits will always pay off and successful cancer fighters work to put those habits in place even when they feel things are too far gone.

7. "You can make it through cancer treatment."

Successful cancer fighters don't limit themselves with "can't." Try to ell yourself you can, even when you feel defeated.

8. "There is a solution to your problem."

Successful people are solution-oriented people. If you are having a specific problem at home, with insurance, in your cancer treatment, or with a member of your care team, brainstorm solutions. Successful cancer fighters work to fix their problems instead of letting the little (or big) things get the best of them.

9. "When people look at you they see more than cancer."

Find Hope In Overall Cancer Plan

It may even help you to tell yourself that when people look at you they see someone strong. It's true. Cancer fighters are some of the strongest people out there and it only hurts your ability to fight when you say "people only see me as cancer."

10. "You are not alone in this."

High Maintenance Relationships

If you tell yourself that you are not alone in this then it will help you believe that friends, family, and other supporters are truly there and available for you. If you ever feel alone, please reach out to others on WhatNext. We are here to share experiences, insights, and lean on one another for support. 

What do you tell yourself to succeed in your fight? Feel free to share with everyone below or post inspiring words on our WhatNext Pinboard!

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