10 Ways to Find Hope When You Have Cancer

by Brittany McNabb

When you have cancer, it helps to have hope. It's easy to say that you must find it, but when you are in the throes of cancer - where is it? How do you get it?  Here are 10 ways that WhatNexters have found hope through their battle with cancer including ways they have recovered when they feel like they have lost hope.

Ways To Find Hope When You Have Cancer

1. We make everyday count and hold onto the simple things like pizza night and warm sunny days.

"We live off of seeing the grandkids and watching Rick tossing a football with Spencer. Seeing him with the will to live, and going out everyday with extra effort to make our log home in the woods look better than it has for the last 39 years. Establishing Monday night as pizza and movie night for the two of us. In other words, making everyday count, and especially when it is sunny and warm in northern MN, having hope and not taking things for granted."wingrider54

2. I focus on the idea of a cure, even if it seems far away. 

"We have to have hope and hang on for new treatment. I read that if a new drug can only offer you four more months of life, take it. In four months, they might come up with a cure." - ritafaystageIV

Ritafaystage Iv Hope

[Rita's granddaughter and flower garden outside her house.]

3. Reading other stories on WhatNext and connecting with people.

"The WhatNext community gives me hope. Every time I read that someone has a clean scan or two thumbs up from their doctor, it gives me hope. And when I see a 14 year survivor of stage 4 breast cancer asking a question on this site, it gives me hope." - LeslieR

Leslie Hope

[Leslie and her cat snuggling on the couch.]

4. I find a change of scenery when I feel all hope is lost.

"It is either there or it isn't! Hope seems to be part of my DNA, but I have had times when I lost it. At those times I start exercising or go outdoors, hang out with positive friends. In other words a change of scenery works wonders for me and always puts me in a better frame of mind." - lilymadeline

5. I talk to survivors and listen to their stories.

"Once I accepted my diagnosis, hope just kicked in. Going to a support group, mostly composed of older folks and hearing their stories, and how long they've lived with it sort of put me at ease and gave me hope." - YazBri

6. I find my hope in the desire for more time with my family and friends.

"I think hope comes from wanting to survive and make it. Wanting to have more time with friends and family and wanting to continue to enjoy life. I also think it's internal. Something we are all born with, the will and strength to survive." - Pambsky

Pambsky Veggie Pizza

[Pam's display of her favorite hobby: cooking.]

7. I believe that each day will be better than the one before. 

"The hope I have is that tomorrow will be better than today and the next even better. I take each day at a time and hope that the next bit of news is positive. We have all been knocked down more than once and somehow get back up to survive the next good day or bad day. That is hope for me." - schweetieangel

8. Hope comes from humor and kindness.

"Some days hope is the humor and the absurdity of life and my cancer journey. Other days it's the small acts of kindness that my oncology teams, family, friends and even strangers perform for me and others going through this." - SueRae1

Sue Rae1 Hope

[SueRae showing her humor after scans.]

9. I find hope in a higher power.

"When you want the answers and hope to a problem you are facing you seek the best professional help you can think of but, what if that fails? Then what? The only option for me is GOD because I feel like he never fails in anything and he has all the answers when everyone else says they don't." - cyesuislord1

10. I find my hope by focusing on the future things I want to see and do.


"To me, hope is the incentives that are dangled out there in front of me everyday. The will to see my grandchildren and great grandchildren grow up. To get to know them, to get to love them, and to have them know and love me in return. I use events in the future as incentives to go on." - billyc1800

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