14 Funny Things that Happened While Fighting Cancer

by bnmcnabb

Most of you have anecdotes about the funny things that happened during cancer treatment all the way from jokes you played on doctors to bodily function mishaps. We have compiled a list of WhatNexters' stories below in hopes that they will draw a few laughs, as many of you have learned that having a good sense of humor can help you get through your journey with cancer.

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1. I laughed when my daughter made my Wii avatar a girl with no hair.

Hair Loss From Chemo

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"During treatment I purchased wigs for outings away from home, but wore a grey knitted cap around the house to keep my head warm. I just cracked up when I signed onto the Wii Fit game to see that my 23-year-old daughter had changed my avatar from the long-haired brunette to a grey-capped obviously bald female." - collinsb01

2. I accidentally grew a mustache!

Chemo Hair Growth

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"During treatment I didn't mind others laughing at me as I looked like Charlie Chaplin with a huge, crusty mustache from the topical chemo. My sister-in-law documented these comments into a small picture book so when people gasped at me I could show them they weren't the only ones. In celebration of my last day of treatment I found mustache cookie cutters and made dozens and dozens of mustache shaped cookies and gave them out to friends, family and strangers around my work as a thank you for their support. The laughter put everyone at ease with the way I looked. I preferred the comments to people not asking and then talking behind my back. I couldn't hide the problem." - SMM991

3. I lost some bodily function (in public).

Side Effects Of Colon Cancer

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"During treatment my husband had a colostomy bag. I insisted that he treat himself to a pedicure which he does and (funny enough) loves. He was sitting in the chair, and a "noise" which is completely out of his control came out loud and furious. The manicurist, who didn't know, told him that there must be something wrong with the chair, and to push the off button." - mamajltc

4. I teased my doctors.

Teasing Cancer Doctor

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"After many visits to my oncologist and always waiting 30-40 minutes, he came in to talk to me and said that he would be back and I could put on the gown. I said, "Stop right there; you are not going anywhere. If you leave, I won't see you for another 30 minutes!" I proceeded to unzip my dress and drop down the front so he could see my breast. I said, "Believe me, I have no dignity left, so poke away." I thought that he would pee his pants! My friend and I just started laughing." - HighwayOfJoy

"During treatment my friend brought the game 'Operation' complete with the batteries to hook it up. As she is setting up the game, the general surgeon comes in and is talking to me and before he leaves she tells him that he can't operate on me until he proves his skills on the game. A look of panic set in on the doctor's face and we both busted out laughing." - scootersmom

"Shortly after my stem cell transplant, a cute very young looking doctor came in to test my blood. I remember being somewhat high off of whatever painkiller I was given at the time. I asked him was he sure he was old enough to be working in hospital. Then I just busted out laughing. He saw me later when I returned for visit and reminded me how I made fun of how young he looked but that he enjoyed it. You have to make the best of your journey." - Therose

5. I laughed off awkward questions from strangers.

Laugh It Off Cancer

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"I was at the pool the one day and a couple asked me about my scars; I told them I had a fight with a shark and the shark lost!" - Stevedarke

6. I had some seriously funny senior moments.

Cancer Senior Moment

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"In a senior moment, I emerged from the ocean squeezing my recreational foobies to wring the water out!" - hikerchick

7. I lightened the mood during chemo by prank calling my husband.

Cancer Funny Prank Calls

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"My friend who happens to be a nurse went with me to one of my treatments. We kept prank calling my husband at work. It was very funny; here they are putting "poison" in me, and we're laughing so hard. We asked the nurses if we were disturbing anyone, and they said "Are you kidding, we never hear laughter in here, this is great!" - HeidoJo

8. I couldn't help but laugh, even at inappropriate times.

Laughing Cancer

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"While in the doctor office receiving the diagnosis of prostate cancer, the doctor said "Prostate surgery is a drop in the bucket." In my mind, I pictured my boyfriend's prostate lying in a stainless steel bucket looking all sad and lonely. For a second, I was horrified, then I almost busted out laughing. My boyfriend had a funny look too and later he said he pictured almost the same thing in his mind! Stupid? Probably. But it makes it easier!" - leer34

9. I was mistaken for a woman...by a DOG!

Cancer Dog

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"During treatment my testosterone was at or near zero. We were in a small gift shop and the resident dog, Eddie, came down the aisle to greet us. As my wife was in front of me, she reached down first and petted him. As she went on, I reached down and let Eddie sniff my hand, then scratched behind his ears. The store owner looked at me and commented how interesting that was, that Eddie would never go to men. We didn't tell her, but my urologist got a real kick out of the story at my next appointment." - Afterglow

10. I got a lot of good-humored "pink" jokes.

Breast Cancer Awareness

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"When I did chemo the first time I lost 50 pounds and all of it was muscle and boobs. Now just ending my second round of chemo I gained all of it back EXCEPT my boobs! So now my hubby says “Itty Bitty Titty Committee." It's kind of dad but funny. I can't help but laugh!" - Heidi

"About 3 weeks after my bilateral mastectomy, I had not gotten my "permanent" prostheses yet, the heavier ones that stay in place. I had been given the lightweight temporary kind when leaving the hospital. My sisters took me to the mall to look for some post-surgery clothing I needed. After we had walked for a while, one of my sister's said, "You either have to go to the bathroom, or you have to go walk on the other side of the mall from us." I was puzzled. "Why?" She eyeballed my chest, and I looked down to find, one prosthesis had slid downward to my stomach, the other had worked itself to my shoulder, giving me the look of a pregnant hunchback!" - KimmieC

11. My kids said "the darndest" things.

Funny Things During Cancer

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"Recently I was babysitting for my 2-year-old granddaughter. I had to use the bathroom and change my bag and I couldn't trust her to stay put in the living room so I took her into the bathroom with me and locked the door. The week before I had a chemo treatment and as most of you know the smell of your stool is anything but pleasant. I was trying to be discreet as I changed my bag. Being a curious toddler she looked at my stoma and said "Nana you have poop on your belly!" I smiled and said, "I know sweetie, Nana will be done in a minute." As I was putting my new bag on and placing my used bag in the trash she held her nose and and started pounding on the locked door and saying "Let me out!!" When my daughter came to pick her up we laughed until we cried as I relayed the story! Out of the mouths of babes!!" - NanaL

12. I...fell out of bed.

Cancer Accidents

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"When I fell out of bed, injuring myself and landing in the ER, my husband posted on Facebook, "Looking for bed rails for my 46-year old wife." - IKickedIt

13. I made "bad" situations seem hilarious.

Laughing In The Face Of Cancer

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"Oh the indignities of cancer...I am a 66-year-old, gray haired woman. I got constipated from post-surgery pain medications, so I asked home nursing to send somebody to help administer an enema. They asked if I minded if they sent a male nurse. I agreed, and soon opened the door to a handsome young fellow. I chuckled when I realized there was a day long ago when Mike would have been thrilled to see my naked... Alas, not so much anymore." - melanomamama

14. I learned to laugh at myself.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

"A year ago when I was given the diagnoses of colon cancer I called in the troops. My three best friends. As I prepared to tell them the news I went grocery shopping. I bought deli meat and cheese, bakery bread, chips, cake and wine. Then I purchased some bright colorful plates and napkins. It dawned on me, what was I doing? Having a Cancer Party??" - nance

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