15 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before You Begin Chemotherapy

by GregP_WN

A lot of people with cancer have heard of common side effects of chemotherapy but may not be clear on other important details about the treatment. A good way to understand the treatment plan ahead is to consult with your doctor. Here are 15 questions to ask your doctor before beginning chemotherapy and a few tips for beginners from WhatNexter’s themselves.

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1. What’s the goal of the chemo for my cancer?
2. What are the chances that the chemo will work?
3. After the chemo will I be cured, in remission, or just have fewer side effects?
4. How will we know if chemo is working?
5. If the chemo does not work are there other options?
6. What are the risks and side effects of this chemo?
7. How will I get the chemo? How often? For how long?
8. Where will I go to get the chemo?
9. How can I prepare for the chemo?
10. What lifestyle changes will I need to make?
11. Will I need to change my diet?
12. Will I be able to exercise?
13. Will I also need surgery or radiation?
14. Should I look into any clinical trials?
15. What about the cost of chemo and insurance?

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Tips for Beginners from WhatNexter’s

Here are a few general tips from WhatNexter’s who have already experienced chemo on small things that personally helped them get through treatment.

- Maintain a healthy diet especially on days leading up to chemo.
- Record side effects in a diary so that you may be able to pinpoint certain trends.
- Tell your doctor of side effects early so you can try to stay ahead of treating them.
- Take things to do like a book, tablet, music player, etc.
- Take a warm blanket or comfortable sweater.
- Tell the nurses if you feel anything weird while you are getting the chemo.
- Don’t be afraid to chat with others that are getting chemo if they are open to talking.
- Take a friend as a distraction or just to keep you company.
- Wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing.

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I was just diagnosed and I will start chemo soon. Any words of advice?

What have been some of your early preparations for chemo that have helped through treatments? Do you have any suggestions to beginners on what to ask their doctor?

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