15 Things Truly Happy Cancer Survivors Don't Care For

by Brittany McNabb

What keeps happy people happy? Part of the answer is that they simply don't care for certain things. Many cancer survivors agree that once they have been through a cancer journey, they are changed forever. Many go through perspective changes and inhabit a more positive way of life because of things cancer has taught them. 

Truly Happy Cancer Survivors

The American Cancer Society reports 13.7 million cancer survivors in the U.S. today. Many of these 13.7 million lead happy lives and here are 15 things they simply don't care for.

1. They don't care for letting drama into their life. 

A general consensus from WhatNexters says that when they are diagnosed with cancer they have zero tolerance for drama. With all the thoughts, anxieties, and time cancer takes up there simply is not room for drama and trivial concerns. Their priorities are things that really matter.

2. They don't care for sweating the small stuff.

Most other problems seem small in the face of cancer. When you don't let the small roadblocks of life get to you, you have a better chance to the road of happiness.

3. They don't care for statistics.

Dont Care For Statistics

If people with cancer believed all the statistics that are thrown at them through their cancer journey, many would become and remain discouraged from the start. Luckily happy cancer survivors don't care for statistics and most of them have already beat their odds

4. They don't care for passing up opportunities.

New opportunities present themselves when you survivor cancer. It can be opportunities to affect someone else who is battling cancer, opportunities to serve the community battling cancer, opportunities to pursue a new hobby, opportunities for new friendships, opportunities for travel, the list goes on. Happy survivors take advantage of these opportunities as they move forward in their life.

5. They don't care for other people's expectations. 

Happy cancer survivors don't accept social, financial, or emotional expectations from others. They live life on their own terms; cancer often teaches you to be yourself and live your life your way. 

6. They don't care for high maintenance relationships. 

High Maintenance Relationships

Happy cancer survivors don't put the time, effort, and anxiety into high maintenance relationships. Some relationships bring drama, sadness, anger, or tension. Healthy relationships contribute to better mental and emotional health. They are a two-way street, they are a place where people feel loved, and they aren't toxic or stressful.

7. They don't care for jeopardizing their health with bad habits.

Happy cancer survivors see the value in eating healthy, making time for exercise, avoiding tobacco usage, and staying away from other habits that may have jeopardized their health in the past. When you take control of your health and become your own advocate it can feel very empowering.

8. They don't care for rejecting help from loved ones.

Rejecting Help From Others

It takes humility to accept help from others, but accepting and receiving that help can make people feel happy. It fosters gratitude and makes cancer survivors feel valued.

9. They don't care for worrying about the future.

While worry is a normal part of life, cancer survivors do not let worry overtake their life. Many say they "live day by day" and that they will "cross that bridge when they get there." They also find ways to cope with the fear of recurrence

10. They don't care for living in denial.

Happy cancer survivors have faced and accepted their diagnosis and journey. Living in denial of how things really are can cause naivety and then shock when things don't turn out how they wanted. 

11. They don't care for keeping up with the Joneses. 

Happy people don't have time for the status quo, materialistic concerns, or comparing their wealth with others. Cancer survivors know what really matters and which priorities to focus on in life.

12. They don't care for buckling under the fear of the unknown.

Fear Of The Unknown

Fear is a normal part of life; all people have questions and thoughts about their future and things not yet seen. However, happy people do not let this fear control them. Happy cancer survivors recognize their fears but do not buckle under the pressure.

13. They don't care for other people's "sob stories."

Happy people don't listen to complainers (and they don't complain themselves). Some people often thrive on sharing their woes and sob stories with other people and when you have been through something as life-changing as cancer you mostly roll your eyes at other people's complaints and whining. (This does not mean you ignore venting from friends, but there is a difference between listening to someone's concerns about their life and putting up with petty complaints.)

14. They don't care for focusing on the negative.

Happy cancer survivors generally focus on the positives of life. They have also mastered the attitude of gratitude. Gratitude is a calculated attitude of taking all aspects of life in account and choosing to see joy and practice happiness that reaps many rewards.

15. They don't care for not living life to the fullest.

Live Your Life...Not Your Cancer

One of our main slogans at WhatNext is "Life your life, not your cancer!" Happy cancer survivors take advantage of opportunities and find ways to live life to the fullest.

What makes you happy? Feel free to share the things that you simply don't care for and post pictures of the things that make you happy on our Pinboard.

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