4 New Year's Resolutions About Cancer

by Brian English

Making a cancer-related resolution might be one that you’re more likely to keep. Most resolutions – including the old standards like “lose weight” and “eat better” – barely make it to the end of January, let alone the whole year.

Here are four resolutions that members of the WhatNext will be making for 2017.


Healthy Living

BoiseB suggests that cancer patients and survivors take a more active approach with health-based resolutions. Rather than simply stating that you’ll “eat better,” have a plan that’s more detailed than “cutting down on the Twinkies. “Make an appointment with a PCP(XX Spell out what a PCP) to get a referral to a dietician,” she writes.

Remaining active is also an important commitment you can make. The benefits go beyond the physical and can improve your mood and overall mental wellbeing. Joining an exercise program specifically designed for cancer survivors (check your local YMCA) can help keep you fit, and connect you with others with whom you have a common bond. Or, simply start by setting a goal to walk once a week, then move it to twice a week, then three times a week and before you know it you will be more active than ever.


Connecting With Friends

Commit yourself to reconnecting with friends and family in the new year. Your cancer journey likely brought many of those close to you together – and helped you re-establish some old connections. It would do you and everyone around you a world of good to keep these connections from deteriorating again.

Resolve to spend time in person, on the phone or even online re-forging these bonds without your illness being a factor. You’ll get the chance to rediscover what made these relationships so amazing and fulfilling in the first place. Needless to say, this can yield incredible emotional dividends … for everyone.


Be Proud Of Your Scars

Cancer can batter your emotions and your self-confidence. Why not spend 2017 trying to get some of that back. “Take back your life now,” writes WhatNexter geekling. “Do whatever you can to strengthen yourself and raise your spirit.”

Cancer support groups are a great source for inspiration. Not only will you hear other stories that you can relate to, but you’ll also expand your network of friends and fellow survivors.

Support can fuel your inspiration in ways that other kinds of “inspiration” like hopeful quotes simply can’t. And these days, the Internet is an amazing source for support – WhatNext was founded for just this reason. Online, you’ll find an incredible and welcoming community – a bottomless source of real, tangible inspiration from people who aren’t just throwing out platitudes, but who’ve been where you are and who relate to your experiences.


Lose Yourself In The Service Of Others

Resolving to help others in the cancer community is one of the noblest New Years resolutions you can make. Try contacting a local cancer center and volunteering your services if you’re up to it. Maybe offer to give patients rides to treatment. Or take part in a run or a walk in support of a cancer fund.

“How about resolving to post on WhatNext three or more times a week,” BoiseB writes. “Post or answer a question. Post something Inspirational on the Pinboard. Welcome a new member by posting an encouraging message on their wall.”

Lynne-I-Am agrees that simply being more active on the WhatNext site can lend more encouragement than you know. “When I came to this site three years ago several from the community welcomed me, reaching out and advising me,” she writes. “I have gained immeasurable help from everyone here. I think this is a great way to help others and give back.”

Are you making any New Years resolutions revolving around your cancer journey? Share them with the WhatNext community on our forum.

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