5 Heartwarming Gifts For Cancer Patients

by GregP_WN

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly in Gift-Giving      

5 Heartwarming Gifts For Cancer Patients What Next Blog                                                                                                                    Photo: Cancergifts.com

When a friend or loved one cares enough to give you a gift, it’s usually a good thing. Right? Well, sometimes even the best-intentioned gift-giver can miss the mark, especially when the person they are “gifting” is coping with cancer.

Let’s take a look at gifts that are most welcome, and others that…aren’t.

YES! Slipper socks with the grippy things on the bottom.            
Hospital floors are cold and hard, and a nice pair of slipper socks can add an element of comfort. They come in a variety of styles, so go crazy!

Warm Socks What Next Blog

Nose warmers are not as comfortable as they look. Most people actually find them itchy.

Nose Warmer What Next Blog

YES! A rolling suitcase.
This is a great gift for someone going through chemo treatments. It makes it easier to carry laptops, tablets, phones, crossword puzzles, MP3 players, or headphones through the halls of an infusion center or hospital.

Goodhope Black Rolling 17 Inch Laptop Case Mla15418656

A gift basket full of babies, no matter how cute, is never a good idea.

Celophane Vintage Add What Next Blog

Yes! Google Play or iTunes gift cards.
Playing games on a phone or tablet is a good way to pass the time. By giving a gift card, your friend or loved one can choose what they like.

Itunes Gift Card What Next Blog   Google Play Gift Card What Next Blog

A Great Big No!
Is an explanation really necessary, here?

Unsafe Toys What Next Blog

Yes! Hard candies.
Many cancer patients experience a metallic taste after chemo. Hard candies can be a big help.

Hardcandy What Next Blog

Um, No.
Economy ice cream is contra-indicated regardless of the patient’s medical condition.

Economy Clown Cream What Next Blog

Recently, the WhatNext community was asked: Did you get any gifts that were “cancer specific?”

JeanetteV shared her experience. “Two gifts I found thoughtful: 1) an inexpensive MP3 player with selections of music that the giver thought I would enjoy and help in falling asleep ( a troublesome issue for me); and 2) A friend knitted a shawl for me to use around my shoulders during chemo (I had observed that the heated blankets provided were not enough).”

RebelKate said, “A coworker who had been through chemo a couple years earlier gave me chemo caps. They were the most useful gifts.”

We’d like to ask you, as a cancer patient or cancer survivor, what was the most heartwarming gift you’ve ever received, and just for fun… what was the worst, and why?

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