5 Things You Can Say to Someone Newly Diagnosed With Cancer

by Brittany McNabb

Speaking to someone that is newly diagnosed with cancer can leave you speechless. As a cancer patient, cancer survivor, caregiver, you may have an advantage because you have been directly affected by cancer. You could have an opportunity to make a difference through your words. Even so, you may feel it is difficult to find the right words. 

What To Say To Someone Newly Diagnosed With Cancer

Here are five things you can say to someone newly diagnosed with cancer. They key is to speak from your heart.

1. I'm sorry for what you are going through.

Sometimes there are no better words to say than you are sorry they are going through this and that you are thinking of them.When speaking to someone newly diagnosed, try to show empathy and support by being sincere.

2. I'll ride the waves with you until the storm calms.

Ride The Waves With You

This is such a powerful statement because it lets the person know that they can count on you. Many people feel like they are deserted when they are diagnosed; simply knowing they have a friend can mean more than you know.

"Once someone said to me, 'I'll ride the waves with you till the storm calms,' and that meant a lot to me because I knew they would be with me no matter what." - MMarie

3. I am wishing you the best possible outcome as you begin to fight cancer.

Wishing them the best outcome or saying you will put them in your prayers are things that do not suggest you know how they are feeling. These statements are not imposing or projecting your own throughs on them. By saying you are sending good thoughts simply may comfort the person because they know other people care and that they are not alone. 

4. Let me help with...

Let Me Help With...

When you say you want to do something specific for the person like bring them a meal, take them to their next chemo appointment, or pick something up for them at the store it makes it easier on them to accept specific help.

5. I'm here if you need to talk.

If they don't seem open to talking in person you can write them a card, send them a text or email, or give them a phone call.

"The kindest thing [said to me when I was battling cancer] came from my surgeon. He knew I was feeling very alone since I live abroad so he used to go every night and morning to see me and would give me his hand and stayed there listening to my complaints, fears and let me cry." - glam

What are some of the most meaningful things someone has said to you? Feel free to share meaningful comments or nice things others have done for you through your journey.

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