5 Tips to Help You Feel More Like Yourself

by GregP_WN

When undergoing radiation and chemotherapy to treat cancer, you want as much as possible to feel like yourself. That can be practically impossible when you feel like garbage, losing your hair, and might be puffy from treatment medications.

5 Tips To Help You Feel More Like Yourself

There are still ways to hold on to “you” when cancer is a part of your life. Try and do a few things that will make you feel more like yourself. You aren’t your diagnosis. Here are 5 tips to help you feel more like yourself and hold onto feeling a little more normal when you have cancer.

Tip #5: Schedule Activities on Chemo off Weeks

According to the American Cancer Society, delayed nausea and vomiting after chemo usually starts after 24 hours and can last around 5-10 days. But, we all take treatments differently and not everyone will get sick enough to vomit, some barely get nauseous. 

After that, you’ll slowly start to feel better, less tired, and not as ill. Once that week passes, it’s helpful to schedule some activities you love in order to brighten your spirits, before your next scheduled chemo treatment. Those who exercise regularly report that continuing their workout schedule as much as possible helps them to feel better. 

Even if it’s just coffee out with friends or a slow walk around your favorite shopping area, doing something active feels good. Getting out and doing all the things you normally might do helps keep your spirits up.

Tip #4: Stay in Close Contact With Family and Friends

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People love you. Your friends and family want to hear how you’re doing, but they might be afraid to ask. Don’t be shy about reaching out and contacting them to let them know how you’re doing. That close contact or even just regular conversations with those you love will help nourish those important connections. You don't have to even leave the house to stay in contact. Send a text, email or message on social media to let everyone know how you're doing after each treatment, and especially after any major procedures.

Tip #3: Schedule Beauty Services

Sometimes it’s just too hard to get out of your house, even in the week following your treatments. There are many free services now sponsored by various charity organizations that will send salon stylists, colorists, makeup artists, and nail techs right to your home.

Look Good Feel Better

As part of the “Look Good Feel Better” program by the American Cancer Society, they provide wig experts, estheticians, and other cosmetic industry pros free of charge for both women and men undergoing cancer treatments. Being pampered and beautiful in the comfort of home with the right people who can bring their services to you is a great gift to give yourself.

Tip #2: Practice Daily Meditation

Meditation has been known to make you feel more calm, centered, and focused. Cancer definitely brings out anxiety in ways that you may have never experienced before. It can also help tame stress and even has been shown to control pain.


A great way to get started is to try a meditation app. There are even guided meditation apps with calming sounds or music you can turn to online. Here are some to look into using; Calm, a mindful meditation app that aims to bring peace and joy to your world, Headspace, or the Mindfulness App, which was created by two yoga and mindful enthusiasts.

Calm App


Tip #1: Get as Much Rest and Nutrition as You Can

Rest and nutrition are essential to feeling as best as you can during cancer treatments. This alone will make you feel more like yourself. Getting the right nutrition and sleep all the time can be hard to do.

Treat yourself to that whole milk latte when you’re up for it or a cupcake from your favorite bakery. Little treats once you start feeling better can be an incentive to get out of your home, especially after the toast, clear broth, and bland foods you probably consumed right after the chemo treatment.

As far as sleep goes, if you are truly struggling talk to your doctor about medications or techniques that can help you get the rest you need. Several WhatNexters say that learning to control your thoughts and stay in a positive frame of mind helps with sleep problems. Check in at WhatNext and chat with someone who has been in your shoes before to get an idea how they have dealt with sleep problems. 

Above all, make yourself a priority during cancer treatments. Do some of the things that you love to do, if you're able, eat anything you really love, go to a movie, or just live your life. Do this, and you’ll find that holding onto the essence of what makes “you” you is a whole lot easier.

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