5 Wacky Ways Your Hair Might Grow Back After Chemo

by GregP_WN

Of all the side effects of chemotherapy, hair loss is one of the most obvious. Hair loss is not certain; every person is different. But if you do lose your hair during chemo, typically hair will really start to grow back when chemotherapy treatment is over at about 6-10 weeks.


And while WhatNexter’s were glad, they were also a little bit surprised. Hair after chemo might grow in differently than before and could continue to change. Ultimately WhatNexter’s made the best of it and found a way to laugh at their wacky hair surprises after chemo.

1. Peach Fuzz
A common hair regrowth pattern is hair starting to grow in as peach fuzz. A lot of WhatNexter’s, men and women, say that in the beginning stages of regrowth the hair feels like baby hair and that they kind of enjoy the soft hair while they wait for it to grow in thicker.

“I didn't have hair to begin with but when it started to grow back, the pattern was the same. I loved the baby fuzz stage. I could shave my head with no shaving cream!” -ticklingcancer

2. Patchy
Some hair grows back in different phases making it look patchy. Male WhatNexter’s have shaved patterns into their hair for fun. Most WhatNexter’s say they’ll take what they can get and were willing to wait for their hair to even out.

“My hair has fallen out 3 times, working on the fourth time now. Each time it has come back different. The last time was the most comical. It was similar to high-low carpet.” -AmyLou

3. Thick and Curly
If you had straight hair before chemotherapy, you might score thicker or curlier hair. That’s what everyone wants, right? A head full of dreamy thick hair. It might be fun to take pictures of your hair before and after chemo.

“I used to have short straight hair with long bangs. Now mine is very curly. I use L'Oreal curl activating mousse and just roll with it. I am enjoying my curls while they last. At least it's easier than using a blow dryer and round brush like I used to!” -DorothyV

Dorothyv Black Shirt

4. Even Better than Before
Sometimes hair can grow back “better” than it was before. Some WhatNexter’s have said that they had grey hair before treatment but that it grew in darker and that they ended up feeling younger. You might feel like you got a free dye job because hair doesn’t always grow back in your original color.

“My pre-treatment hair was brown and grey; now it is various shades of grey. My uber curly/kinky hair is now soft and minimally wavy. Having spent most of my life fighting a rat's nest for hair, I am very happy for the change!” -Laureen

5. Funky Style
One WhatNexter, GypsyJule, said that her hair reminded her of of a faux hawk. Instead of fighting against it she embraced it. WhatNexter’s who have been surprised about how their hair grew back have bravely accepted the change and have found that they are more thankful for their hair than ever before.

“My hair has grown back into what seems like a permanent faux hawk. No matter what I do to try to keep it from sticking up on top, it just bounces right back into position. I've just started using gel and working with it instead of against it. It's all good!” -GypsyJule

If you went through chemotherapy and your hair has grown back in an unexpected way, you might want to try making it your trademark! Many WhatNexter’s use their new image as a symbol that they survived cancer treatment.

Nancebeth Magenta

Do you have any wacky hair stories from chemo? It would be great if you could post before and after pictures for others to see on WhatNext’s Pinboard!


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