6 Apps to Help Manage Multiple Myeloma

by Blake Hoffmeyer

When Multiple Myeloma starts to impact your life, there are some great technological advantages that can help you with your day-to-day. Many WhatNexters in our Multiple Myeloma community have noted certain ones that really have made a difference in their daily lives for the little setbacks that the disease can cause. Here are a few of their favorites:


1. Waze & Google Maps

For patients living from Multiple Myeloma, there are many ways that memory can be impaired. People use these apps now to get information such as travel time and live traffic updates for their commute. It can be helpful to use these apps when going anywhere. WhatNexters have noted that these apps can be the critical difference between staying on track versus having an episode where you forget where you are going.These two apps can provide comfort and safety when trying to get where you are going.

2. Track My Multiple Myeloma

This app (for both iOS and Android) is specifically designed for people undergoing Multiple Myeloma treatment. It can help you keep your appointments, lab results, a daily log, and much more. This is a wonderful personal assistant which can help you navigate specifically the areas of Multiple Myeloma which affect your life.

3. Multiple Myeloma Resource Center

This is a unique app that acts as your go-to resource for on the spot information about Multiple Myeloma. This is especially useful for someone who is newly diagnosed or has a family or friend who has been diagnosed. It can help answer many of the questions that people have revolving around the diagnosis. It is a wonderful quick reference tool.

4. Evernote and Keep

These are apps for writing down notes that have reminder functions throughout the day. WhatNexters have noticed that these programs really help when remembering small tasks.. Putting the notes in your phone and reviewing them later are wonderful ways to make sure that everything gets done. Good old pen and paper also work great, but these apps sync online so that nothing gets lost in a load of laundry!

5. CareZone

CareZone was designed to help you keep everything in one place while simultaneously updating your family about important things. You can keep involved in your children and grandchildren's lives and never miss a beat! This is a great app for helping to manage your life so that you can spend more of your time living it. It has a secure sharing network that allows designated family members to see your schedule and to add in important things like the grandkids’ soccer game or a niece’s birthday party.

6. Skype

When you have loved ones that live far away, face-to-face conversations in real time without having to travel long distances can be very valuable. Get a quick peek at your grandson while he's napping when you are on the call with your daughter. It’s an opportunity to stay connected and keep your spirits up like never before.

We are fortunate to live in an era that is so interconnected. If you take advantage of technology, it can make a considerable impact on your world. It allows you the freedom to live your life on your own terms.

Is there any other technology that you use to help manage Multiple Myeloma? Please let us know in the comments below!

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