6 Ways to Drive Cancer Awareness

by GregP_WN

Everybody knows somebody affected by cancer—moms, dads, neighbors, colleagues, children. Thus, many people feel passionate about bringing awareness to the disease. October and November are jam-packed with ways to shine the spotlight on several types of cancer— breast cancer and liver cancer in October; and in November, people specifically support pancreatic, lung, stomach, and carcinoid cancer

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Clearly, it’s a disease that plagues many people and needs full-fledged support so that one day, it’ll be a disease of the past. Here are 6 worthy ways to get involved and help raise awareness:

1) Wear colors to support cancer awareness—Represent! There are colors for nearly every cancer type (we’re talking all-things-pink for breast cancer and stark white for lung cancer), and it’s a simple way to get people talking and asking questions. Plus, it shows people what you’re passionate about.

Wear Purple For My Mom Pancreatic

2) Attend or host an event—There are so many awesome volunteer opportunities and no better way to spend your time and show your unique talents. It’s a great chance for friends, family, cancer patients, and cancer survivors to come together and join the fight against cancer. The American Cancer Society has great tips for ways to get involved!

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3) Send a story to your local newspaper—If you know an inspiring story, write it up, and send it to your local newspaper! People care so deeply for their communities, that it’s a surefire way to gain involvement. If you’re not much of a writer, fear not! Read through cancer survivor testimonials and be inspired.

Letter To The Editor

4) Use social media to spread the word—This one is pretty self-explanatory. Status updates, tweets, and pictures draw in awareness. Social media has the power to spread messages in a matter of seconds, so take advantage of it! Or, join one of the hundreds of online cancer support groups and keep up with the WhatNext blogs.


5) Donate—When it comes down to it, financial resources are always a huge help for cancer research. Research garners all kinds of awareness and brings us closer to eliminating cancer for GOOD! Do your own investigating when you’re trying to figure out exactly where to donate, or donate to a trusted organization like the American Cancer Society.

Keep Calm And Donate For Cancer Research

6) Make Healthy Choices—Continue to make healthy choices for yourself, like eating healthy, exercising regularly, doctor checkups, and avoiding harsh substances, like alcohol, drugs, or tobacco. All of these things help to keep you healthy, create good habits, and help to squash this cancer beast once and for all. 

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How do you bring awareness to cancer? Please tell us below in comments.

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