7 Ways Your Inspiring Cancer Story Will Help Others Get Through Theirs

by GregP_WN

Whether you know it or not, you are an inspiring person. Right now there are several people that are watching your journey and thinking to themselves that you are one strong, tough, and inspiring cancer fighter. Other cancer patients that see your story at WhatNext will be inspired and will gain hope simply by reading your story. When other cancer patients read the story of survivors, they gain hope and inspiration and have faith, that if you can do it, then so can they. 

7 Ways Your Inspiring Cancer Story Will Help Others Get Through Theirs

How You Can Help Other Cancer Patients 

1) By simply registering on WhatNext and filling out your cancer journey in detail, you will give hope, inspiration, and motivation to other patients and their caregivers. When you list your treatments, surgeries, side effects and even the types of treatments that you have had others will be able to compare, learn and see that they are not alone. You can see an example of a "Cancer Journey" here.

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2) Lots of patients have questions about all types of issues that we patients and caregivers face each day. When they post a question on the questions page the answers that they get help them understand what is going on with their situation and give them comfort when they read that other people have been through the exact same thing. Newly diagnosed cancer patients have a need for information and answers, and there is no better place to get them than from someone who has been there. As a lot of survivors will tell you, those who have been there "get it", and understand what you are going through. 

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3) Posting updates about your continuing journey. If you are a patient and still in the middle of treatments, you can help others by keeping your journey up to date by posting updates and adding to your journey. After you are registered on the site, you will have people start to follow you to keep abreast of your progress. Those who follow you tend to be others that are going through the same type of cancer and treatments and your updates will continually give them hope and inspiration. You can also use your homepage to keep your family and friends posted on your progress. They can check up on you by viewing your profile page.

4) If you have some favorite quotes, images or inspiring cancer stories and articles on issues that affect cancer patients, you can share them either on the Pinboard or on your homepage as an update. Others will be able to see them and be inspired. Many current WhatNexters say that their favorite part of the site is the Pinboard.

5) Sharing your inspiring cancer story in detail in one of our "WhatNexter of the Week" articles on our blog page. We routinely highlight an inspiring cancer fighter on the site. Sharing your story through a blog post allows you to put more detail into it and even provide pictures and video about your story. These posts are seen by thousands of people across the internet as we share them on our entire network. 

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6) Write a guest blog post for WhatNext. If you are an aspiring writer you can write guest blog posts on any cancer topic that is important to you. There are others out there that this same topic will be important to and your views and information will be helpful to them. Some of our guest blog posts have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. Your personal cancer experiences and knowledge can be valuable information to others.

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7) If you really want to share and inspire others you can record your own "cancer experiences video" to be shared on the site. As the saying goes " a picture is worth a thousand words", if that is true then a video is worth a thousand pictures. There is something about watching someone share what they have been through by video. Watching them tell their story and seeing the emotions come through when they are describing in detail certain experiences is powerful. Your video can be the most inspiring thing that some cancer patients see that day. We can help you share your story. 

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So be an inspiration! Register on the site and help others that are going through the same thing. It's quick, easy, doesn't cost a thing, but the satisfaction that comes from helping others and appreciation that comes from those that you help is priceless. 

One more very simple and easy way that you can help other cancer patients, survivors and caregivers is to simply share this post. Use the sharing buttons at the top or bottom of this post and help others. 

Thank You for being an inspiration!

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