A New Kind of Therapy: 10 Things to Keep Your Mind off Cancer

by Brittany McNabb

We've all heard of therapy, physical therapy, aromatherapy, art therapy, yoga therapy - the list goes on. But what about everyday therapy? Sometimes the best therapy can be doing something you love. Scientists believe that, because of the serotonin that is released in your brain from hobbies and other stimulating activities, doing things you love can keep your mind sharp and depression at bay. 

Hobbies For Cancer Patients

Not only can hobbies be good for your mind, but they can help combat the daily toll cancer takes on your body. Here are some things that WhatNexters have found pleasure in doing to keep their mind off cancer. 

1. "My therapy is belly dancing, Flamenco dancing, riding horses and playing with my dogs. I love living and I have a pact with happiness." - glam

Glam With Dogs

2. "I work on hot rods and tinker with cars." - HotRodTodd

3. "I paint. My paintings reflect my mood whether happy or sad. It is my therapy." - kiki95632

Kiki Painting

4. "I like to hunt and fish. It gives me peaceful time to myself and it is quiet as ever." - buckhunter

5. "I like to read a good book. I suggest "The Art of Racing in the Rain" By Garth Stein." - Gumpus61

6. "Creativity in general is my therapy: writing, drawing, photography, reading, listening to music, and dancing. Even just sitting on my front porch and being in nature." - Ejourneys

7. "Walking is my therapy. I take an hour a day away from everything and just walk. It helps me clear my head." - NadaChance

8. "I started a garden this year, and I'm LOVING it. Just like the line from Steel Magnolias: 'I'm an old Southern lady, and we're supposed to wear funny hats and ugly clothes and grow vegetables in the dirt!'" - RedSoxFan

9. "My therapy is sitting on the promenade just before sunset and watching the boats pass by. A cool breeze and a book and all is well." - ld_105

10. "Sometimes my therapy is playing in my band. It can be a good escape." - GregP_WN

Greg P Band

Here is an article with some additional ideas about cancer and hobbies. Share your hobbies and pictures of yourself doing something you love on our Pinboard.

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