Cancer During the Holidays - Cleaning Tips

by gabeallen

During the holidays, many dealing with cancer face the added pressure and stress of keeping the house clean when family and friends come over.  Greg Pierce, WhatNext's Community Manager and 3x Cancer Survivor, shares resources dedicated to those dealing with cancer to clean their house for free and relieve that added stress.

Video Transcription

Hey, everybody, Greg Pierce for Well, the holidays are getting closer and for the women out there that are fighting cancer this can be a more stressful time than it usually is. Maybe the floors need mopped, the kitchen needs cleaned, carpets need vacuumed. Let's just say maybe you've let things go but who can blame you? You've got bigger things to worry about. Right? So family and friends are coming over and maybe the house isn't as clean as you would like. Try not to stress about it because I promise you your friends and relatives don't care about how the house looks, they just want to visit with you, but if you're really concerned about it there is help. There are a few nonprofit organizations that will provide housecleaning for women with cancer. Cleaning for a Reason will provide one visit per month for up to four months. Cleaning for Cancer will provide monthly visits for up to three months. ComforTree, another company that specializes in nontoxic cleaning, they also do their cleaning for men or women and they will provide services for up to twelve months while you're in treatment. They define treatment as chemotherapy treatment, radiation, recovery at home from a cancer-related surgery or coming home for hospice care after you've been in the hospital with cancer. ComforTree also has a give-back program. After you have recovered from cancer, you can volunteer with them to help other patients get a clean house. You will need to provide a doctor's note to show that you are currently in treatment and you'll need to apply online so don't stress about cleaning. Go to and click on our blog for links to these companies to apply online. Enjoy your holidays and don't worry about the house.

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