Cancer..... In 6 Words

by GregP_WN

There are hundreds of descriptions of cancer, some dark, some realistic, some humorous. Ask a cancer survivor for a description of cancer and they will have a hard time trying to decide which description to give, we have many. We asked the WhatNext Community for a 6 word description of their cancer journey and this is what they said. 

"It's not easy, but I'm alive" - Angeldancer

Cancer In 6 Words Angeldancer


"Disbelief, fear, anxiety, adjust, love, optimism." - Whitey61

"Fought my worst enemy and won" -Leesa22

"Scars, limitations, resolve, community, advocacy, resilience" -Ejourneys

Cancer In 6 Words, E Journeys


"Caught cancer, fought cancer, beat cancer" -BoiseB

"Scary, depressing, scarring, fatiguing , life changing"-Lynne-I-Am

Cancer In 6 Words Lynne I Am 1.5 Year Survivor


"Scary and hard, but I survived" -JanetSpringer

"I am Woman, hear me roar" -LiveWithCancer

Cancer In 6 Words Live With Cancer With Dog Barney In Santa Fe 2014


"Live your life, Not your cancer" -DorothyLott

"Committed to live my life courageously" -MamaDragon

"I fought the cancer, I won!" -msesq

Cancer In 6 Words Msesq Henna Crown


"Definitely life changing, Hell on wheels!" -Iroz57

"So far, so good, I'm here" -BuckeyeShelby

Cancer In 6 Words Buckeyeshelby


"Living beyond cancer, better than ever" -JudyInKy

"Stay Strong, and LIVE with cancer!" -Boris12

"Scared, anxious, fighter, stubborn, humor, surviving" -SandiA

Cancer In 6 Words Sandi A


"Terrified, depressed, MSKCC, years ago, anxious" -Carool

"Beat my cancer, fighting my husband's cancer" -SueHendoGirl

"Terrifying, depressing, restricting, thankful, fulfilling, forgiving" -Andreacha

"I hate that cancer found me" -PurdyLucky3

"Terrifying. Went through hell. Now healthy." -Abrub

Cancer In 6 Words Abrub Boating


"I will not let this win!" -SnakeMonkey

"Fear, fought, fought, fought, fought, remission" -Gymmom

"Scared, angry, overwhelmed, grateful, family, love" -Donnatu9122

These are some inspiring words from a group of inspiring cancer fighters. What 6 words would you use to describe your cancer journey? 

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