Cancer is a Thief - These Are Things it Has Stolen From Us

by GregP_WN

Cancer is a thief! It sneaks up and takes things like our ability to talk, our strength and stamina, our hair, our eyesight, our teeth, and even sometimes it takes organs from us. Cancer doesn't care if you are rich poor, white or black, skinny or heavy, an average person on the street or a celebrity on Hollywood Blvd. It will take something from all of us, lots of times it's our peace of mind and for the unfortunate ones, life.

What Cancer Cannot Do

We asked our WhatNext Community to tell us about some of the things cancer has robbed from them. These are some of the things that they have lost. 

My physical strength. And, because of all the joint, bone, muscle pain, my freedom to fully participate in aspects of my life I have always loved. Also my peace of mind.


I was concerned about my vision, affected by the chemo, but last ophthalmologist visit it had actually improved, so, yay.

My confidence. I used to walk in a room and own it, now I walk in and feel self-conscious and I always think that people are looking at me thinking about how terrible I look.

It was my energy. I used to be unstoppable before cancer. Now, sometimes I have to say no to things that I used to love because I just don't have the energy I used to have.

For me, it was the ability to work and loss of savings.

Save Money When You Can

I no longer can walk without pain in my feet. It doesn't stop me, but it sure makes it very uncomfortable, and I am on my feet at work for 6.5 hours a day. However, the most important thing that cancer stole from me is my husband. His journey did not have a happy ending.

Like others my physical strength and stamina. I use to go like the energy bunny and now I get tired so easily. I am going to the gym because I was having so much difficulty doing daily things, like bending down, putting on socks, getting out of a chair and other things we just take for granted. My husband says he can see a difference and that's great. Sometimes looking in the mirror is a shock, some days I look great and others I look so tired and old. It's a day by day process for sure.

Yoga For Fatigue

It’s a tough call between
1) Decreased physical strength from loss of stamina, fatigue. Limits my options no matter how much I force myself to do things.
2) Poor cognition. Can’t read a book the way I used to. Connections between ideas don’t just happen. I’ll reread a paragraph multiple times knowing I’m missing things that are important. And short term memory fails me at the oddest and most inappropriate times.
This is similar to what I imagine old age is.
I'm learning to see life more as moment to moment rather than as a process – of which the present is just a component.

Like others here, my loss of physical strength along with dealing with severe back pain. I can not even walk down to the mailbox without a supportive device. That means no more hikes in the woods, no more traveling to exotic places-- heck, it's a real pain just to go to a mall without my %^ walker. I used to be an athlete, now I am jealous of those who can just walk down the street!

It took our Mother, that's probably the most important thing in my life, but I don't think that's what you mean. So, for me, the most important thing I had that it has taken is my youth. I mean I have never felt my age, I have always been able to do things that someone my age shouldn't, I felt like I was always many years younger than my age. Well now that has reversed, I feel like I am 10 years older than my age.

My voice & my ability to eat. I cannot swallow. They cut a nerve in my face so that the left side of my throat is paralyzed. Also physical strength. I am not as strong as I once was. I have to ask my husband to lift things I used to be able to myself. And it takes twice as long to do anything anymore. And I am so forgetful. I can write it down & still forget.


For hubby, the fatigue and shortness of breath are the worst. He's had cognitive issues since his stroke in 2004 but the chemo has made that worse. He buys and sells on Ebay and has messed up orders. He has been playing a game on Facebook for years that's international. He has four pages just for that. He made so many mistakes there that he's all but quit. He said he's only doing daily maintenance. He's in the process of being tested to see what's what.

For me the most important thing that cancer tries to take away is a challenge. If there is something I will defy with a passion anything and everything it tries to do. Bobby Z you say you used to walk in a room and own it. I too used to walk in a room and own it. I now make sure that when I walk in a room I make an effort to hold my head high. Too often those of us with cancer slouch over around other people who give out words of self pity. But you must defy any such feelings. Now I am realistic and know that there are times when you cannot physically do any of these things. My sister sent a placard to me some 8-10 years ago. The title is:

“What Cancer Can't Do."

• It can’t prevent Love
• It can’t conquer the Spirit
• It can’t silence Courage
• It can’t take away Memories
• It can’t weaken Faith
• It can’t defeat Hope

My best to all you...Russ

What do you think is the most valuable thing that cancer has stolen from you? Please comment below. 

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