Colorectal Cancer Patients Share Their Experiences

by GregP_WN
Living With Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal adenocarcinoma is a type of colon/rectal tumor originating in the glands that produce the mucus that coat the inside of the colon/rectal area. The cancerous cells may spread into the walls of the colon and then into the lymphatic system. Cancer becomes more of risk when polyps (benign tumors formed by abnormal growth) turn cancerous. Colorectal adenocarcinoma progresses slowly and sometimes is not detected for 5 years. Noticeable signs include irregular bowel habits like constipation and diarrhea, blood in the stool, abdominal pain, and abnormal weight loss.

About 95% of colorectal cancer is colorectal adenocarcinoma and there are about 140,000 cases a year. About 90% of colorectal cancer patients are over the age of 50; it is also more common in the African-American race. There is a 50% survival rate in the first 5 years and if it is caught in the early stages there is a 70-80% survival rate. Some risk factors of colorectal cancer are the family history of colon cancer and polyps, chronic intestinal conditions, diabetes, obesity, smoking, and copious consumption of alcohol. Stages range from zero to IV. Treatment for colorectal adenocarcinoma includes surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

Today, Katie Couric is associated with colon cancer, but she does not have colon cancer herself. Her husband, Jay Monahan, passed from colon cancer in 1998. Couric then used her presence in the media to raise awareness about colon cancer. She underwent a colonoscopy on live television in 2000 to encourage viewers to get screened for colon cancer. She was instrumental in forming StandUp2Cancer.

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"Abrub" - She is a 10 year+ survivor of colorectal cancer, she was also diagnosed with a rare appendix cancer over 10 years ago. She is an inspirational cancer fighter currently going through a second bout with appendix cancer.

"MichaelHoltz" - Michael is a 6+ year survivor of stage IIIb colon cancer who routinely blogs about his experiences, advocates relentlessly for cancer issues at the State and Federal levels and continues to "live his life, not his cancer". He also is a contributor to the WhatNext Blog, read his articles here "So You're Getting a Colostomy" and "Finding Your Tribe and Thriving in the Face of Cancer"

Finding Your Tribe And Thriving In The Face Of Cancer   Michael Holtz

"PhillieG" is one of our longest tenured WhatNexters, he has been with us from the beginning. He is a 13+ year survivor of stage IV colorectal cancer. Take a look at his story and video interview with WhatNext, HERE

Blog2 Phillie Lake

WhatNexter Robert Flores is an inspirational colorectal cancer survivor that continues to live life to the fullest. His full story is in an article on our Blog HERE, "A WhatNexter's Fight - Colon Cancer - Still Standing After Surgery, Chemo, Radiation"

For more information on adenocarcinoma colorectal cancer, read the American Cancer Society’s detailed guide.

If you have been affected by adenocarcinoma colorectal cancer, take some time to read others’ experiences. Share your own experiences, ask, or answer questions here.

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