Crazy Things People Say To Cancer Patients

by Jane Ashley

Almost all of us have experienced this — a friend or co-worker or acquaintance acknowledges our cancer diagnosis with an “off-the-wall” comment.

Crazy Things People Say To Cancer Patients 2

What does “off-the-wall” mean? Here are some of the meanings:

• Far out
• Freaky
• Quirky
• Highly unusual
• Bizarre
• Strange in an amusing or entertaining way
• Oddball
• Totally unexpected
• Crazy

Most people aren’t sure what to say so many times, they repeat what they’ve heard someone else say. Many times, they don’t realize how inappropriate or potentially-hurtful the comment is. People who haven’t been touched by cancer in their family don’t understand the enormity of what we’re facing. They want to be supportive, but they don’t know what to say.

We’ve compiled a list of “off-the-wall” comments that cancer patients and survivors hear.

We all die of something. You could get hit by a bus.
You’re lucky. You have one of the good cancers.

My Dog Had Cancer Too

My dog has cancer too.
I’ve often wondered how it feels to be bald.
Cancer is so treatable. It’s like the flu now.
I didn’t think that a woman with such small breasts could get cancer.
You need to eat raw fruits and vegetables. Organic, you know?
Do you think you got cancer because of a past sin?

Dont Worry 2nd Version

Don’t worry.
At least, you have life insurance.
This is God’s way of testing your faith.
I wish I could get cancer so I could get a free boob job.
Radiation will kill you.
Baking soda dissolves tumors.

The C Word

Oh, the C-word, huh?
I didn’t come to see you because I thought you were going to die.
If you get up and do something, you will feel better.
Did they get it all?
Everything happens for a reason.
God has a plan for you.

Sugar Feeds Cancer Version 2

Sugar feeds cancer.
You look great — are you sure it’s really cancer?
How much time do you have?
But you still have your hair …
It could be worse.
You can cure yourself if you really believe.
Do you that chemo is going to help?
Why do you have those “bird legs”?
You should live every day like it’s your last.
What does it feel like to know you are dying?
Cancer can be cured with positivity.
You’ve got this!
They say coffee enemas work.
You’ve lost so much weight. You look great!
Have faith and pray.
You’ll put this all behind you.
You aren’t going to get better because you don’t want it bad enough.
You don’t look sick.
It’s just a little speed bump.
Mark my words. It always comes back.
Your parents died young, didn’t they?
At least, they caught it in time.
Since you’re “only” taking pills, it must not be a bad case of cancer.
Buy a juicer – they say that juicing kills cancer.
You’ll bounce back. You need to read “Chris Cures Cancer.”

Is It Contagious

Is it contagious?
Your doctor is being bribed by Big Pharma.
I guess you didn’t do self-exams.
What is your prognosis?
You won’t be able to color your hair anymore.
If my hair would come back thick and curly, I’d have chemo too.
Do you feel like less of a woman?
Maybe this will help you re-evaluate all of the important things in your life.
Lance Armstrong had that, and he did just fine.
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
It’s a rite of passage, you know? Like menopause.
Do you know why you got cancer?
Do you know what your expiration date is?
My friend had cancer too, and she died.
I’d go holistic if it were me.
I wouldn’t let them poison me to death.
I don’t know how you keep on going.
I know exactly how you feel.
I envy you with that short haircut — I’d never have the courage to cut my hair that short.
You should have breastfed your kids.
But you’re a man — women only have breast cancer.
Maybe you should have exercised more.

Most people don’t mean to be rude or thoughtless — they don’t know what to say, and they blurt out something that they’ve heard other people say. There’s nothing gained by trying to set the record straight.

According to the American Cancer Society, about 40 percent of men and about 38 percent of women will develop cancer in their lifetime. You are not alone. Some people don’t experience cancer “up close and personal” and don’t know what to say. Just keep on walking; stay the course during treatment. Afterward, you’ll be able to laugh about the crazy things that people said to you.

Have you heard some things that were just a little "out there"? Comment below and let us know what it was, sometimes they are funny.

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