Examples of Courage in the Face of Cancer

by Brittany McNabb

Despite the wear and tear of cancer, discouraging news, anxiety, and the many obstacles that life presents when you are living with cancer, many WhatNexters face everyday with courage. Courage is different for everyone - there is no formula. Courage can be big or small. It can simply be waking up in the morning or bravely facing the hard decisions you have to make when you have cancer.

What It Means To Be A Courageous Cancer Fighter

Here are some examples of courage in the face of cancer shown by WhatNexters.

Having courage might mean...

You learn to accept your diagnosis.

Keith59 Courage

[Keith59 walking his daughter down the aisle at her wedding.]

"It takes time to absorb, process, and accept your diagnosis. It's not easy by any means. I try to trust God has a plan for me. My faith keeps me going to the point most days. I try to take advantage of the people here who are willing to help and share their journey." - Keith59

You make tough decisions and move on.

"I try to be confident in my decisions and run with it. Second guessing and worrying about the what if's takes away from what I should be focusing on. So, hold your head high knowing you made the best choice you could and give it all you have." - amontoya

You try not to let cancer slow you down.

Ticklingcancer 5k Courage

WhatNexter ticklingcancer has an amazing recovery and weight loss/work out/reconditioning program. He is running another Fight Back 5K fundraiser for Relay For Life.

You share your story with others.

"Speaking to a tent filled with cancer survivors at the Campbell CA Relay For Life. I joke about HMO, caregivers, and chemo hair and do what I can to spread courage to others." - fredreiss, a spokesperson for Relay for Life

You advocate for your own care.

"What I liked about my doctor is that he actually listens to me and we make decisions together on my treatment. I tend to take a proactive role in my treatment and he appreciates that." - NancyG

You believe in the best possible outcome.

"When my first oncologist delivered the news, "inoperable, no radiation, stage IV..." my question to him was, "Okay, but can I keep playing agility with my dogs?" He just shook his head at me thinking like that but as time went on and I DID keep up my agility (at a much reduced level), I think he was a little surprised. He decided I might beat the odds." - LiveWithCancer

You take control of your health.

Sue Rae1 Courage

[SueRae1 exploring the bamboo installation at the Israel Museum.]

“I continue to exercises on a regular basis. I take Pilates once a week, walk as much as I can, and stretch. I try to manage my energy (easier said then done) and I try to focus on what I can do about my health, not on what I cannot do.” -SueRae1

You find a way to enjoy life.

"Strength , courage, & perseverance...if others can do it, so can we. There are going to be days we will not feel so much of these things but we must hold on to everything in life that we find worth being here for and proceed on." - juls71

You believe in taking it one day at a time.

"One thing I have learned since my diagnosis six months ago, is to take one day at a time...one meal at a time...one drink at a time....one hour at a time...and no matter what the obstacle...I will stare it down...beat it down...knock it down..." - Keith59

You don't let cancer define you.

Blazin Courage

[Blazin says that his number one reason to get up and fight is his beautiful wife of 21 years.]

"Your illness does not define you. I believe this and so should you. The strength I have gives me courage and the courage I have gives me strength." - Blazin

You try not to give up in the face of danger.

"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying 'I will try again tomorrow.'" - quote by Mary Ann Radmacher shared by kelly_gleason

What makes you courageous? How would you instill courage in other cancer fighters? Feel free to share your comments below, post to Facebook, or share inspiring words on our WhatNext Pinboard.

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