February is National Cancer Prevention Month

by GregP_WN

February is National Cancer Prevention Month, so..... what does that mean? With hundreds of thousands of cancer cases preventable through good diet, exercise and weight control, this month's "awareness" is not just to let someone know that you have a particular kind of cancer, or that there is another cancer out there that everyone should know about. But it is instead geared toward preventing as many of these cancer cases as possible from ever getting diagnosed. 

February National Cancer Prevention Month

It is estimated that over 340,000 cases of cancer could be prevented if people would make small changes in their lifestyle by moving more, weighing less, and eating healthier. Add quit smoking on top of that and nearly half of the new cancer diagnoses each year could be prevented. 

To mark World Cancer Day on February 4th and the start of Cancer Prevention Month, the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) is leading a partnership of organizations and associations in a bold awareness campaign that urges Americans to take evidence-based action to lower their risk.

World Cancer Day We Can I Can

On the American Institute for Cancer Research's "Can Prevent" website, you can take a survey answering the most common reasons you don't exercise, keep moving, and eat healthier. You can also download a free 30-day Prevention checklist to help keep you on schedule to a healthier life. The results of a survey done by AICR shows that physical activity can reduce your risk of cancer and that they are unaware that diet, exercise and weight can have an effect on their cancer risk. See the results of the survey HERE.

This "cancer awareness month" goes a little beyond just letting people know about cancer, it is trying to encourage people to do something to help themselves remain cancer free. The Companies listed below are just some of the organizations that have joined in AICR's program. 

    The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
    • The American College of Lifestyle Medicine
    • The American College of Preventive Medicine
    • The American Society for Nutrition
    • The Blue Cure Foundation
    • California Walnuts
    • Cancer For College
    • Careers through Culinary Arts Program
    • Cary Medical Center
    • The Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation
    • Four Seasons Healthcare Consultants
    • Healthy Dining Finder.com
    • The International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association
    • Latinas Contra Cancer
    • LessCancer.org
    • Meatless Monday
    • Men’s Health Network
    • Merkle Response Management Group
    • The Obesity Society
    • The James: Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center
    • Oldways
    • The Oncology Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
    • Pink Aroostook
    • PROShred Security
    • Savor Health
    • The American Pulse Association
    • The Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation
    • The Smith Center for Healing and the Arts
    • SuperKids Nutrition

You CAN have an impact on your own cancer risk, take a look at the links listed above and try to work in a little more activity each day, start small and work your way up to more involved and more strenuous activity. Something is better than nothing, every step you take is a step in the right direction. 

World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day

Part of National Cancer Prevention Month is World Cancer Day, on February 4th.  The World Cancer Day was established by the Paris Charter adopted at the World Summit Against Cancer for the New Millenium in Paris on 4 February 2000. This Charter aimed at the promotion of the research for curing as well as preventing the disease, upgrading the provided services to the patients, the sensitisation of the common opinion and the mobilization of the global community against cancer.

How Can You Get Involved?

Take a look at ACIR's page on How You Can Help for many suggestions to help them. 

You can:

  • Support Cancer Research
    Help AICR continue to fund critical cancer research to pinpoint the specific lifestyle factors that help reduce cancer risk.
  • Become a Cancer Research Partner:
    Join the Monthly Giving Program
    Give a monthly gift and become an AICR Cancer Research Partner. With your monthly support, you’ll help fight cancer every month
  • Donate Your Vehicle and Support Cancer Research
    Vehicle donations are a great way to support cancer research and receive a tax deduction for your donation.

To support World Cancer Day look at their page HERE. Taking place under the tagline ‘We can. I can.’, World Cancer Day 2016-2018 will explore how everyone (as a collective or as individuals) can do their part to reduce the global burden of cancer.

Wcd2016 2018 Threeyearcampaign

Just as cancer affects everyone in different ways, all people have the power to take various actions to reduce the impact that cancer has on individuals, families and communities.

World Cancer Day is a chance to reflect on what you can do, make a pledge and take action. Whatever you choose to do ‘We can. I can.’ make a difference to the fight against cancer.

The World Cancer Day Site has pre-made graphics for all social media channels that you can share to show your support. They invite you to use the hashtags of #WorldCancerDay and #WeCanICan in your posts. There are also several profile pictures and logos you can use on all social media channels, most of them are already optimized for the proper size for the channels. 

So, during the Month of February, don't just tell people about your cancer, or any cancer in particular, but let's tell everyone one or two things that they can do to prevent  cancer, and then let's follow up and do those things ourselves. The life we save might just be our own!

Log in at WhatNext and tell us what you're doing to encourage those around you to try to live a healthier life to lower their risk of a cancer diagnosis. 

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