Fighting Cancer From the Other Side

by GregP_WN

I am battling cancer from the other side. I am not a patient. I am a radiation therapist. My career is dedicated to treating cancer. Some may say that I don’t understand what people with cancer are going through. That is true. I have never had cancer. I have never been on the cold table alone in the treatment room as radiation has been delivered. I have never felt the radiation burn

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But I do know my patient Barbara, this is the second time she is having radiation. At her 6 month follow up they discovered it had spread. I know Barbara has 3 grown children and one moved across country to be with her. I know patient Steve, he relies on the senior center for his lunches so his appointments have to be early so he doesn’t miss it or else he doesn’t eat. I have patient Janet who is in her late thirtys and has terminal cancer. She has said the only reason she is having this grueling treatment is because of her two children ages 4 and 6. I know patient Mike, who can’t take time off work when the chemo and radiation wear him down because he can’t afford it. Patient Margaret who lost her job when she needed time off to recover from surgery and begin chemo and radiation. Patient George who was going through treatments at the same time as his wife; she passed away two weeks ago. Patient Alma who is in severe pain due to the cancer spreading to her bones.

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I may not have cancer but I see its effects every day. I may not have cancer but I am not immune to the havoc it creates. Some days the emotional burden can be heavy. I feel guilty for getting emotionally fatigued because I am not the one with cancer. I come into work and administer the radiation and hope for a cure. And I will do the same tomorrow and the day after. And the week after that. And the month after that. I hope I am making a difference. I hope when you see me you know that I am fighting for you from the other side.

Today's Guest Blog Post is from WhatNexter Penny82, her perspective as a Radiation Therapist, on what cancer patients go through is a unique and different view from those that we cancer patients have. Thanks for submitting Penny!

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