Free Services For Cancer Patients

by Brian English

The high cost of cancer treatment is legendary. But as word of the incredible financial burden of fighting this disease has spread, more and more organizations have popped up to donate services to cancer patients to help ease some of the costs. Many of these services are 100% free for cancer patients, and offer everything from airfare to spa treatments.

Free Services For Cancer Patients


Some of these services are disease or gender specific, but this list should provide a great head start for finding volunteer organizations. This list is by no means comprehensive. Support groups for specific cancers may offer even more options. We hope you’ll find this list not only useful, but inspirational; it’s good to know that your support network is bigger than you’d ever imagined.


Road To Recovery


Whether your treatment is around the corner or on the other side of the country, these services can help.

Air Charity Network
Provides free airline travel for patients with both medical and financial needs.,

Corporate Angel Network, Inc. (CAN)
Provides free airfare to cancer patients who are able to walk and travel without life support or medical attention.

National Patient Travel Center Helpline
Online source for options to pay for airfare or ground transportation trips to and from treatment centers.

Angel Flight Northeast
Offers free air and ground transportation in CT, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT with partner organizations worldwide

Road to Recovery
A volunteer-based service of the American Cancer Society that provides free ground transportation to and from treatment centers for cancer patients.

Free GasUSA
Offers patients assistance in paying for gas to help them get to treatment centers, and other essential places.


Cleaning For A Reason


Cancer can bring your household to a complete stop, and can make it impossible to keep up with daily chores. These services help your family keep your home a welcomed haven to return to after treatment.

Cleaning for a Reason
Offers four monthly housecleaning sessions at the home of women undergoing treatment for any kind of cancer.


Hats For Cancer Patients 2


The following organizations offer free headwear for cancer patients experiencing hair loss due to their treatment.

Heavenly Hats

L. Erickson: Good Wishes
Free headwraps and scarves for cancer patients.


Womens Wigs


The following organizations offer free wigs for cancer patients experiencing hair loss due to their treatment.

American Cancer Society



Need help navigating insurance issues or other legal matters pertaining to your illness? These services can help.

Cancer Legal Resource Center
Provides free information and resources on cancer-related legal issues for patients, survivors, their families, and others.

Patient Advocate Foundation
Offers advocacy for patients contesting questionable insurance company practices, and helps patients find insurance.


Hope Lodge Grand Rapids Michigan


These organizations help to ease the hardships of receiving treatment in locations far from your home.

Joe’s House
Provides information on temporary housing at little to no cost across for patients away at treatment centers.

Hope Lodge
An American Cancer Society funded source for temporary, free housing for cancer patients whose treatment is an unrealistic distance from their homes. There are 30 locations throughout the US.

National Assistance Homes and Hospitality
Maintains a directory of nonprofits companies that offer free or significantly discounted lodging to patients during treatment.



Chemo Angels
This services connects patients with their own “chemo angel” will send them cards, gifts, and other encouragement free of charge.

Chemo Angels


Do you know of more services that are free or discounted for cancer patients? List them below for others to see. 

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