Great Books to Help You Through Treatments

by GregP_WN

Chemo can last 8 hours or more, waiting for hours in the waiting room and exam room for your doctor will add up to days by the end of your cancer journey. These little periods of time can be used to help you through the whole cancer thing by reading some great inspirational, motivational or educational books. You will have lots of time on your hands through this, so why not make good use of it? Here are some great books to help you through treatments. Our WhatNext Community suggested these:

Great Books To Read Through Chemo

This is going to sound super creepy. But I got into Handmaiden's Tale . Oddly, reading, a dark, creepy book took my mind off things and distracted me and compelled me. May not be for everyone to go dark, but I actually associate my dx with this book.  And Speak the Language of Healing -" Fuxitol"

Lance Armstrong's book..."It's Not About the Bike / My Journey Back to Life ."-"Russ"

Here is a great list from WhatNexter "Jene1835" I also use {overdrive} to borrow books from the library.
I have read:
1. Just Show up by Kara Tippetts
2. The Hardest Place by Karen Tippetts
3. The Tree that survived winter by Mary Fahy
4. Chicken Soup for Breast Cancer Survivors
5. The Silver Lining
6. Not Just One in Eight by Barbara Stevens
7. A Walking Miracle by Patricia Johnson ( a flight attendant)
8. The Shack by William P. Young
9. God Said Not Yet (one man experience with terminal cancer) by Daniel Edward Neff
10. Stand by Her (breast cancer Guide for men) by John W. Anderson
11. Don't Just Fall - How I Grew Up (conquered illness, and made it down the mountain) by Josh Sandquist (diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma at the age of 9)
12. Tearful Surrender by Marquita E. Batchelor
13. I Believe in my myself I don't have to cry anymore (cancer survivor PLUS) by Dorothy Anderson Brown
14. Touched by Cancer by Teri Rose
15. Fearless by Maimah Karmo (achieving life's purpose thought breast cancer) (nat'l speaker)
16. Still have the faith (husband with a wife of 17 1/2 years diagnosed with breast cancer, 4 years since her death. How men think, feel and communicate Before-During-After cancer with a spouse (
17. How we became thrivers ( 

"The Silver Lining" by Hollye Jacobs . She's a nurse, a young mom, and a Breast Cancer Survivor. It is a realistic story of her journey with breast cancer. And how, no matter how terrible things were, that she always looked for the Silver Lining in each situation. It's an inspiring story. - "Clinda"

Books I have found to be great are the books by Kris Carr - Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips , Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor , and Crazy Sexy Cancer Diet . Kris is pretty awesome!Hope these books help someone! - "Yvette0516"

Crazysexycancertips 333x410

Cancer on $5 a day. Not including Chemo, is a funny book to lift your mood. - "CrazyHarry"

I read a humorous "mammoir" called When Good Boobs Turn Bad , some of her anecdotes cracked me up! My favorite Christian memoir was Off Script by Cary Schmidt , Hodgkin's survivor. - "TiffanyJ"

Welcome to the Club, Surviving Cancer one Laugh at a Time by Myles Beskind . A friend of mine had recommended, "Why I Wore Lipstick to my Mastectomy ". - "KLC"

I loved "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch . other books I would recommend "How to Be Sick: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide for the Chronically Ill and Their Caregivers ", "And in Health: A Guide for Couples Facing Cancer Together by Shapiro, Dan " - "SueRae1"

My cancer journey led me to this wonderful book: "Cancer As a Turning Point " by Lawerence LeShan, PH. D.; lots of changes coming for the better. Blessings. - "Mhtx"

Cancer As A Turning Point

Choose Joy by Kay Warren, Battlefield for the Mind by Joyce Meyer . These books helped me a lot. Also, Where Is God When It Hurts? By Philip Yancey. It helps explain why we suffer. This book really helps if you are struggling with,"Why did this happen to me?" Good luck to you in everything. God bless you:) - "DorothyV"

If you are looking for free books to read, here is a list provided by WhatNexter "Ejourneys" that she used:

Due to my carpal tunnel (exacerbated by anastrozole) and presbyopia, almost all of my book reading is digital. In addition to Gutenberg, sources of free ebooks include
Internet Archive:
Open Culture:
Open Library:
U Chicago Press offers a free ebook each month:
Cambridge University:
Wright American Fiction collection from Indiana University:
Forgotten books:
The Online Books Page, Univ. of Pennsylvania:
Hathi Trust Digital Library:

And, if you would like to read my own story of surviving 3 cancer diagnoses, 2 types of cancer, over a 29 year period, and surviving the side effects of a mini-stroke, losing all teeth and having over 14 surgeries to correct those problems, and trying to move into survivorship, you can get it here: Cancer, You Will Not Get Me, 3 Times is Enough!

Cancer Book Cover

Different people have different needs for motivation and inspiration and what they need to help them through. You should be able to find something on this list of books to fill that need. Another option is audio books that you can listen to when you just don't have the energy to hold a book or maybe you want to just close your eyes and sit back and relax while listening. What books have you found to be inspirational, motivational or educational to help you through your cancer journey? Please list them below in the comments and let's build a great list to help others.

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