Having an Attitude of Gratitude to Thank Your Nurses and Doctors

by GregP_WN

This Holiday Season most cancer patients want to show a little gratitude to their Nurses and Doctors. If you're having a little trouble coming up with ways that you might do that, here are some ideas from the members of the WhatNext Community. This is how you can have an attitude of gratitude to thank your Nurses and Doctors. 

Cancer Thank You Cookies

We hear from Nurses all the time about working long, busy and stressful shifts. They are our caregivers and our lifeline. Most of the time they are the first point of contact to the Doctor and the person we are telling all of our problems too and they are the ones that are actually delivering our life-saving treatments. A little thank you can go a long way, here are some ideas to be sure they know we appreciate what they do. 

1) Food - Everybody likes to eat! The Entire staff at most treatment facilities, clinics and hospitals are usually running around crazy busy. Many say that their lunch or dinner consists of whatever they can grab out of the break room. What to take? You could put the personal touch to it and bake some cookies, brownies, or any baked treat that most people love to cheat on their diet with. And that brings up a debate. Should you take healthy treats and foods, or sweet treats? One Nurse reports that many of her colleagues were battling weight issues and the plates of cookies, cupcakes, and brownies didn't help that fight. So, why not give both? Drop off a plate of cookies and a fruit basket, that way there is something for everyone.  

Thank You Nurses And Doctors Cookies

"Jamison" describes her exerience of being a Nurse and seeing this problem first-hand: Nurses ALWAYS appreciate gratitude from patients. Cookies and baked goods are nice but so many patients give these as a show of thanks, year-round, resulting in overweight nurses. I can say this because I worked many years in the ICU and there was always a plate of cookies, doughnuts or cakes in the break room. I watched a lot of my nursing friends battle weight gain over the years, not a result of these gifts, of course, but a contributor to poor eating habits... They are great gifts when you are starving... but better for the health of our caregivers are fruit baskets, a bag of organic apples or oranges, veggie trays, teas or coffees with special creamers."

2) Gift Cards - We spend a lot of time with our Nurses while getting treatments, and most of the time learn a few things about them. What books they like, movies they like, where they like to go eat, etc. So, a great way to let them know you appreciate them is to give them something that they like. Get a gift card to their favorite restaurant or coffee house, the movie theatre, the Zoo or any other place that they may have mentioned they like. Since you have already learned that they like this place, they are sure to love it. Amazon is now a market for almost anything you can think of, it's a great place to look to for ideas for gifts and gift cards. 

Gift Card

3) Special local favorites. Do you have a special place in the City you live in that has gifts or special handcrafted or handmade items? How about a local winery, craft shop, candy shop or something like that? In our little town, there is a candy maker that has wonderful candies and their gift boxes are prized gifts for anyone that knows about them. A gift from someplace like this is likely to be a welcomed gift. It will be thoughtful, unique and appreciated. You may want to find out a little about your Nurse or Doctor before giving something like a bottle of wine to be sure it's something that they would appreciate. 

Gift Bottle Wine

4) Houseplants and Foliage - Lots of people love houseplants. If you have had a few conversations with your recipient through your time together you may have picked up on the fact that they are big plant lovers, you might have even heard them mention a plant that they love. Plants can be a thoughtful gift, and they can last for generations when well cared for. Making sure that they are plant lovers and don't have any allergies to plants would be a good idea! 

Thank You Plants

5) Hand Written Thank You Notes - If you are struggling to find something just right, or are limited in funds, a plain old handwritten thank you card can go a long way! I have heard Nurses say that they didn't really want anything as a thank you from their patients, other than a Thank You! If you have been paying attention while you have been at the clinic you have probably learned the names of all the people on the team. Personalizing the card with a Dear "XXXXXX" will be appreciated, you might mention something in your message about something they have shared with you during your time together, this shows you have taken an interest in their life and appreciate their life as much as they appreciate yours. 

Thank You Note

6) Handmade scarf, toboggan, mittens, etc. - If you are a skilled knitter or like to crochet, you might get deep into your gifting and make something for your special ones.  I know this is time-consuming, but it's just an idea. Some people will have some things pre-made for occasions like this so they can maybe do a little personalizing and boom, it's ready to give. If not, there are usually places that you can buy something like this, but it truly means so much more if it came from your own hands. This one is not for everyone, but a good one if possible.

Hand Made Scarf For You 

7) Bottles or containers of local honey, fruits, jellies, jams, etc.- These are items that almost anyone will use, and if you have a local supplier that has a good name for being a great gift to give, you will score big with these. 

Thank You Gift Honey

It's a common thing to thank and acknowledge people during the Holidays. Everyone from the garbage man to the doorman, the mailman, your boss, and co-workers, etc. usually get a thank you and sometimes a gift or tip. When it comes to my medical team, I try to thank everyone that is involved with my treatment from the receptionist/clerk that checks me in at the Doctor's office when I have a routine check-up, to the Nurses, interns, right on up to the Oncologist and Surgeon. I want them to know that I truly appreciate what they have chosen for the life's vocation, especially since I am one of their beneficiaries. 

And when I'm in the hospital for a few days, I try to thank everyone that comes in my room. I also want them to know that we appreciate their care. I also believe that your attitude toward these caregivers can have an effect on the level of care you receive. It doesn't cost you a dime to be a good, and thankful patient, and you may reap the benefits of it when you need something at 2 AM and the floor you are on is very busy. 

This Holiday Season, have an attitude of gratitude and share some love and appreciation for those involved in your care. Everyone loves to be recognized. And on that note, THANK YOU, for being with us at WhatNext!

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