Hitting Pause: Creating Your Own Battle Plan Against Cancer

by Jackie Edwards

Guest Blog Post by Jackie Edwards

According to the United States government, over 14 million United States citizens have some form of cancer. Rather than giving in to the depression that comes with a cancer diagnosis, many cancer patients are beginning to empower themselves with control over treatment options. These people find it easier to accept mainstream medicine and help themselves living healthier lives during treatment.

Hitting Pause Creating Your Own Battle Plan Against Cancer

The Diagnosis is Cancer

Initially, after the diagnosis, the shock is expected. Life changes in a blink of an eye. The world spins, and many people simply do not know where to begin. However, those who are able to control their treatment plans begin by researching doctors. Many travel to get varying opinions regarding treatment options, and to devise their own healing plans. The healing plan must include modern physicians as well as spiritual healers to provide a whole-person plan. Begin building a support system of family and friends immediately, then begin making lifestyle changes. Research healthy eating to help keep up strength during treatment, and consider yoga or meditation for emotional care. Finally, understand what questions will be important. As a general rule, anything a patient does not understand about care deserves to be questioned. Any questions regarding cancer deserve to be answered, and a patient has a right to ask medical professionals to speak in layman’s terms. Write down all questions and make sure to insist on answers that are easy to understand.

Researching your diagnosis type and the standard plan of treatment for it is a good place to start. The NCCN is a site where most doctors review the standard of treatment for all types of cancer. The NCCN is a network of cancer treatment facilities and research facilities that share their information. It also contains a patient page that you can use to gather some information for yourself. 

Support Translated

Support System

Building a support system was mentioned passively in the items needed in a treatment plan, but it is one of the most important parts of getting through cancer. Build up family and friends. Let them help out whenever possible. Ask for help in creating a comfortable living environment that will be suitable during treatment. Find support groups, both locally and online, who will be there for support. Ask doctors, nurses, and local charitable groups for information on local communities. Attend discussion groups to find more information on staying healthy, getting through chemotherapy, finding the best medical support, and more. Reach out to people who have been through cancer treatments to find ways to best handle everything that comes with the diagnosis.

Registering at WhatNext is a great part of your overall plan. Thousands of people that have been there already can help you along your personal path. In just a few minutes you can be registered and be connecting with others that have your exact type of cancer. There's nothing like talking to someone who has been down your exact path. 

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Look Ahead

Do not be afraid to make plans for the future. Do not give up on dreams. According to the National Cancer Center, the rate of beating cancer has increased recently. Research has improved, medicines work better, and individuals have a more profound investment in their own treatments. Continue to live life through the cancer treatments as much as possible.

Live Your Life Not Your Cancer Abrub

A cancer diagnosis puts a “pause” on life. However, taking control of the situation as much as possible helps patients better understand the situation. Cancer may push the pause button, but it is still possible to go back and hit play.

How did you create your own battle plan against cancer? Share some tips in the comments to help others. 

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