Hobbies - A Great Way to Stay Calm

by GregP_WN

Taking up a hobby during or after cancer treatment is a great way to stay calm and keep your mind off things. Some WhatNexters have discovered hobbies that enrich their lives, inspire them, or get them involved with caring people in the community. Whether it’s tending to a garden or satisfying the adventurist in you, starting a new hobby can be very therapeutic! Here are a few ideas shared by WhatNexters themselves.




“The spring after my surgery, I planted my victory garden. It was great therapy. I also planted it the next year. This spring was marked by more cancer and no victory. So I changed the name of the Garden to "Defiance Garden!!” - BoiseB

Crafts and Jewelry Making

“Several years ago I found out that I'm very good at crafts, especially jewelry so I started going to a fabric store to attend a jewelry class with a friend. The teacher said I was good, and so my friend and I decided to create a business so that we can do craft shows and we did great!” - Genjen

Knitting or Crocheting


“I learned how to crochet. My dear friend who has been knitting and crocheting for decades taught me. I find it very calming and meditative and I take a project with me wherever I go.” - SueRae1



“Two days after I was diagnosed with breast cancer I finished writing my first book. I've been blogging for six years and it helps me focus my energies and get all my feelings out. That's where I got my WhatNext profile name, FemaleinMotion.” - FemaleinMotion


Cg Singing National Anthem

“I have a lot of hobbies but my true passion is singing in a women's barbershop harmony. I belong to a wonderful chorus and have just started a new quartet. The positive energy I get from being with my sisters in song is SO therapeutic!!” - bairdirects

Riding Motorcycles


“I ride motorcycles. I used to ride a little bit but since being diagnosed again and going through treatment I have really enjoyed getting out with friends and going on rides. Nothing like the wind in your face to melt away the worries of the day.” - cancervivor



“I play golf with my hubby and now we are teaching my 13-year-old grandson. Golf takes your mind off your troubles for sure!” - marshala1



“My wife and I have done some traveling. We have done things like cruises and Disneyland/World. We learned to stop and rest when necessary and to make sure that we didn't bite off too much. It is good to have fun!” - Peroll

Boating and Relaxing

Fishing Boat

“Three years ago my husband was diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer at the age of 50. This year we went out and bought the fishing boat he had wanted for years. He was undergoing chemo at the time. Why? Because a cancer diagnosis doesn't mean you stop living. The boat continues to give him enjoyment and my only regret was not buying it three years ago!” - Char

Staying Healthy (Cooking/Exercising)

Swinginpoet Running

“Interestingly, I started eating right which included more cooking by, of all people, me! I actually enjoy trying to cook healthy food that tastes good. I also have taken up cycling in a big way even to the extent of joining a spin class at the local health club. I'm healthier today than any time in my life as far as I know.” - mgm48

It seems like many WhatNexters, because of cancer, have been inspired to find their passion. It may be because surviving cancer can give a newfound perspective on life or because it calls for a distraction; it is encouraging to read about the specific pleasures that people have found for themselves in their daily life and how it has helped them to stay calm. Have you started any new hobbies? What has a new hobby done for you? Do you have any other ideas for WhatNexters?

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