How Can You Be Happy When Dealing With Cancer?

by GregP_WN

WhatNexter "JHale17" recently posed this question to the Community about getting back to being "happy" when dealing with cancer. The questions are; can you, did you ever lose happiness, were you happy to begin with? There is a lot to consider, but happiness is a state of mind, and if you can control your view of your life, your space in the world, and compare that to others, you may find it's easier to be happy than you think!

How Do You Be Happy When Dealing With Cancer


Some people never actually lose their happiness. They have the attitude that life will go on one way or the other and that life can either be happy or miserable. They chose to be happy. Sounds easy enough right? Keeping a positive attitude and happy mindset is hard in "normal" life, throw in dealing with cancer and it's really hard. Some say that keeping their Faith helps them stay the course and keep their happiness. 

WhatNexter "LiveWithCancer" explains it like this: "I personally never lost my contentment or happiness. I can't explain why, but when I learned I had cancer, my husband and I discussed it and we decided that life would go on. I never quit living my life (taking the dogs for walks, going to work, agility classes and trials, etc.), except for a few days after each chemo treatment.

We were lucky because, though I had stage IV lung cancer, I was basically very healthy. So, I withstood the chemo treatments well. My blood never tanked so I didn't have to worry about infections, etc like many do. I attribute my deep-seated happiness and contentment to my faith. I have always had a strong faith. My cancer diagnosis solidified and strengthened it. I am loving my life right now, but I do not fear or dread death." 


Live With Cancer With Dog Barney In Santa Fe 2014

LiveWithCancer with her dog Barney

Others have decided to adapt, adjust and overcome. They learn that life will be different and that they will have to give themselves some extra time to do things and to have some patience to get things done and to deal with this new life. WhatNexter "Ejourneys" explains this : "I adopted a new mantra while going through chemo: "Honor your temperament." In short, I cut myself a lot of slack. I set new boundaries. I accepted what was and, like LiveWithCancer, found workarounds to do what I wanted to do as much as possible. Cancer and treatment stripped me down, beyond the stripped-down self I had already become as a caregiver (which I have been since 2001), but that means that I focus only on what I consider to be important."


WhatNexter "EJourneys"

Another way of staying happy when dealing with cancer is to keep in mind that no matter how bad you have it right now, someone, somewhere has it worse. There's no question about it, cancer sucks, but there are people with cancer that are in much worse shape than I am, there are people that have far worse side effects than I have had, and of course, there are people that didn't make it. I am much better off than any of those, so all I have to do when I start to feel sorry for myself and start losing that happy feeling, is to reflect on how it could be. 

WhatNexter "BoiseB" says "We only need to think about the many victims of the recent earthquakes. Dying of cancer surrounded by clergy and family with as much palliative care as I choose seems to me a lot better than dying under a pile of rubble."

Mr. Hale says these are his reasons for staying happy when dealing with cancer:

J Hale17

WhatNexter "JHale17"

"I am fortunate, happy, grateful and most of all I feel lucky and here are my list of reasons.

I was lucky to have DLBCNHL as it is easily treatable and if it came back it was treatable,

I was lucky that initially I had a primary care physician that put together a task force of doctors to attend my needs,

I was lucky to have an excellent cancer center nearby,

I was lucky that initially I tolerated the gold standard chemo (CHOP) and radiation used for my cancer,

I was lucky to respond to the treatments and achieve remission,

I was lucky that my reoccurrences were spread over time and new techniques and treatments were developed,

I was lucky that on the subsequent occurrences I responded to treatments and achieve remission and

I was lucky to have support from a general cancer support group, family, friends, and as time passed I had all the resources of the internet. Most of all I had a strong faith that gave me the strength to deal.

You could call it blessed, you could call it normal, and you could call it anything. I call it lucky and that makes me smile.

Understand that my happiness occurred because I found a way to accept and find a new life with my side effects, both long-term and late-effects, of my cancer journey. For those in remission, there is life after cancer treatment, you just have to work with it yourself and with the help of your medical team."

So, do you have a method, a trick or a tip to share with others on how you can "be happy" and deal with cancer at the same time? Please share in the comments below because this is one of the biggest issues facing cancer patients. Your tip might just make their day "Happy"!

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