Ideas on How to Deal With Stomach Pain

by Brittany McNabb

Ways To Deal With Stomach Pain

Many WhatNexters complain of having stomach pain during their cancer journey. Stomach pain is a personal feeling of discomfort in or around the abdomen; you can read more about physical side effects of cancer by going to the American Cancer Society's guide on Physical Side Effects of Cancer.

First and foremost you should always contact your doctor about side effects. This article should not be taken as medical advice but may be helpful during the discussion with your doctor. Remember that stomach pain can come in different forms including nausea, bloating, abdominal cramping, gas, pain after eating, or abdominal discomfort. Stomach pain can occur within or outside of the abdomen; a common cause of stomach pain is chemotherapy or other cancer treatments.

WhatNexter Questions Regarding Stomach Pain

For an idea of what goes on with other WhatNexters, here are a few of their questions about stomach issues.

"No matter what I do I always have a sour stomach. Is there anything special I can do to get ride of this feeling?"

"I am having stomach issues has anyone experienced the same thing?"

"What can I eat that won't cause pain in my stomach and a feeling of weakness?"

"Has anyone had a chronic upset stomach when going through chemotherapy?"

"Why does my stomach feel so heavy?"

WhatNexter Solutions

Please remember that these WhatNexter solutions are not meant to be taken as medical advice or to replace instructions from your doctor. Present these ideas to your doctor so that you can work together on taking care of your stomach pain. It may help to keep a journal of when the stomach pain occurs, how long it lasts, where you feel it, what it feels like, when you feel relief, and even your overall mood that day. 

While some WhatNexters, after consulting with their doctor, were given a prescription or over the counter medication to battle stomach problems, below are other things that WhatNexters have tried. 

1. Suck on peppermint sticks, peppermint candy, or drink peppermint tea. - pancrease54

Peppermint Tea For Upset Stomach


2. Eat ginger root or candied ginger. - Marianne

Candied Ginger For Upset Stomach


3. Eat more small meals throughout the day. - debberz

Small Meals A Day For Upset Stomach


4. When you don't have an appetite try eating chicken broth. - pancrease54

Chicken Broth For Upset Stomach


5. When your stomach hurts, eat light foods like bananas, rice, applesauce, or plain toast. - Nomadicme

Brat Diet For Upset Stomach


6. Rest or lay down. - WonderKitty

Even though taking time to rest, lay down, or take a nap during the day will not cure stomach pain, it may help you to slow yourself down.

Rest When You Have Stomach Pain


Talk to your doctor about these things to be sure they do not conflict with your treatment.

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