Jerry Buss - Dies after his struggle with cancer

by GregP_WN

Jerry Buss, owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, passed away on February 18 after a long battle with cancer. Although Buss’ cancer journey was kept private in recent years, it was known that over the past 18 months his health and prognosis was poor. Buss, while he was in the thick of his battle with cancer, actually died of kidney failure. Family and friends were brought to his side on February 14 to begin to say their goodbyes.


Buss was a prominent forerunner in the development of the Lakers sports team and had been involved for the past 50 years. Buss was also involved with real estate and acquired a Ph.D. in chemistry at 24 years old. Buss saw the Lakers to 10 championships.

In the last days of his life, Buss’ legacy was identified as his successful ownership of the Lakers, however he is also remembered for his strong and resilient battle with cancer. There is not a lot known about his battle, but friends report that he didn’t give up his fight. Buss was 80 when he died.

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