Lira'sGirl33 Stays Positive In The Fight With Stage IV Cervical Cancer

by GregP_WN

I was diagnosed in January 2012 at age 33 with stage 3 cervical adenocarcinoma. I have gone through surgery, internal and external radiation and chemotherapy. After going through treatment I found out that the cancer had metastasized to my lungs turning it into stage 4. This certainly was not the result I wanted to hear but I am determined to continue fighting this disease.



 So far so good! Treatment is shrinking the cancer and I'm happy and enjoying life. Treatment is no walk in the park but with my faith in God and having friends and family who have stayed by my side through it all, it has definitely lightened the load.

I came upon Whatnext as I researched for information shortly after being diagnosed. I knew my type of cancer, my stage, and the treatment I would be receiving, but what I didn't know was how my body would react, how I would cope with the side effects, etc. I found myself reading through posts here on Whatnext. I found myself learning so much from other people's experiences. Thank you to everyone that has shared on Whatnext. You have all gotten me through some of the hardest and loneliest times in this journey. Why do I share on Whatnext? I share to keep a record of events throughout my journey in the hopes that it might help someone going through something similar and looking for answers. Also to give hope to those that think that a cancer diagnosis is a death sentence and a reason to give up on life. NEVER give up on life. Let's keep kicking cancer butt! :) 

Gladis can be found on WhatNext on her home page HERE. She is an active member of the site always providing help and support to those who are in need of information and help. Being a patient in treatment her view of being treated for cancer is fresh and she is able to relay that to those who have questions about her type of cancer and treatments. If you have a question about Cervical cancer or the treatments for it, drop a question on her page, she's always ready to help. Tell her thanks for sharing her story with us while your there.

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