Nine Things Cancer Taught Me

by GregP_WN

By Marnie Clark, Breast Cancer Survivor, WhatNexter (MarnieC) and blogger


From the day I was told that I had breast cancer, I knew I was about to embark on an extraordinary journey.

Here are the 9 things I learned along the way.

1 Having cancer doesn’t mean you’re going to die. This was an important mind change for me because I lost my mother and Grandmother to breast cancer. I read somewhere that if you change your mind; you can change your life. I’ve found that to be true.

2 Patience - Never having been a particularly patient person, I had to learn about it, because you need a lot of patience when you’re waiting for test results, going through the treatments, waiting in exam rooms. Patience is worth learning.

3 Meditation - I learned how to quiet my mind through meditation . This, by far, has been the most helpful thing I’ve ever learned to do. It didn’t just help me quiet my mind, I also learned how to visualize and focus on healing inward, a very powerful combination.

4 Big Hearts - Having cancer taught me that people are pretty wonderful. I’ve had people pray for me, bring me freshly prepared lunch while I was in the hospital, take me to my chemotherapy appointments, clean my house, it’s been quite extraordinary. There are some wonderful people in the world.

5 Living In The Moment - When I began my journey with cancer, I often worried about what the future would hold. A wise friend sat me down and told me “You need to just live in the moment. Right now is all we have. Be fully alive to right now.” I took that on board and realized she was right. I began to really taste my food, really see the sun shining through the trees, my grandson’s smile, and in fact I began collecting these moments in a daily journal I keep. Every day I write down that day’s perfect moments - and they are so simple yet so divine. If we are alive to NOW, our worries about the future disappear.

6 Community - I’ve learned how important a community of people who care can be during the cancer journey. Though I have amazing support <confirm this is true> connecting with people who get it on really makes a difference.

7 Do Your Research! Don’t blindly follow what someone recommends for you because it may not be the best course of action for YOU. Do your research whether it is the newest chemotherapy drug, a new trial, or a vitamin - check it all out and do what makes sense for you. You are an individual, not a number or a tumor.

8 Be Wary Of Energy Vampires - You know who I mean. These are the people who, if you spend any length of time with them, cause you to come away feeling absolutely drained and negative. Instead, spend your time with people who inspire, uplift and make you smile.

9 Every Day Is A Gift - Seize it, reach out to someone who needs you, be a shining beacon of light for someone. The world already has too much darkness in it, let’s be lightworkers.

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