Non-Invasive Breast Brachytherapy (NIBB)

by GregP_WN

If you're a breast cancer patient, you may have heard of or even had Non-Invasive Breast Brachytherapy, or (NIBB) as a part of your treatment. While it's not as widely used as conventional radiation therapy, it is gaining recognition and being used more often. More than 50 facilities are using this procedure that has been used for over 10 years. 


Benefits of this type of treatment over traditional radiation therapy include:

* It provides targeted, measured, therapeutic doses is designed to produce fewer radiation-related side effects.

* By delivering a measured dose that matches the size, shape, and location of the target site, NIBB is designed to limit toxicity and overexposure to the breast.

* Because this form of real-time, image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) is highly focused, it is more likely to affect less of the surrounding healthy tissues and organs, including the heart, lungs, ribs and muscles, by limiting their unintentional exposure to radiation.

* The targeted dose is designed to help contain the radiation treatment to the lumpectomy site as much as possible.

* It can be performed in an outpatient setting, and it is a non-invasive procedure

According to the Accuboost Website, The dose delivered in this process is uniform, homogeneous and is accurately targeted to the breast tissue which, if left untreated, is the most likely sites for cancer recurrence.

The video below shows how the process works. 

Not everyone is a candidate for this type of treatment, and often a pre-treatment simulation will be performed to determine a patient's candidacy. Things that are looked for are: the size and shape of the tumor bed, any surgical clips and their proximity to the tumor bed. 

Possible side effects of intracavitary brachytherapy

As with external beam radiation, intracavitary brachytherapy can have side effects, including:

Breast pain
Breakdown of an area of fat tissue in the breast
Weakness and fracture of the ribs in rare cases

For more information on Non-Invasive Breast Brachytherapy check these sites

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Have you experienced brachytherapy? How was your experience with it? Please share in the comments so others can learn from your experiences. 

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