Promising New Breast Cancer Drug

by GregP_WN

Roche, swiss drugmaker, boasts of promising new cancer therapy drugs to be released later this month. Among these drugs is T-DM1 (trastuzumab-emtansine) which is used to fight advanced breast cancer. Roche awaits federal approval; T-DM1 has been under trial since October of 2012. The FDA will most likely announce decision near February 26.

Breastcancer Breakthrough

T-DM1 combines Herceptin and a powerful chemotherapy agent to target inside the cancer cells of HER2-positive breast cancer, a very aggressive form of breast cancer. T-DM1 contains a form of chemotherapy that has not been used in the past because of its toxic nature, however now, with the two drugs combined, the toxins are not released until they reach the target making the drug usable.

The two main positive findings on this drug are that it has prolonged the lives of patients up to 6 months and reduced common side effects of other chemotherapy drugs such as hair loss. T-DM1 aims to reduce damage done to healthy cells. If T-DM1 is successful in treating the advanced form of breast cancer, then it might be tested on early stage breast cancer patients as well. T-DM1 is seen as a lifeline to cancer patients and a smart drug to add to cancer treatments. If you’d like to get into the science behind T-DM1, click here.

Have you been a part of any clinical trials recently? How has it affected your journey? Does anyone battling advanced breast cancer have success stories with new types of cancer treatments? Leave us your comments below.

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