S.A.D., C.R.A.P., Cancer and a Raw Deal

by GregP_WN

My oncologist was a brilliant man. It took me 13 ½ years to find him and he retired at the end of the year I was treated, 11 years ago. When he announced his retirement, I visited him and thanked him for my life.


Most of us eat a Standard American Diet (SAD). We eat ingest Cola/cooked/canned food products, refined food product, altered food product via genetic splicing/additives which are chemicals, and processed/preservative laden meals (CRAP). This way of eating does not deliver enough nutrition and we wind up, perhaps on the heavy side, but definitely malnourished. Supplements add to but do not replace food. Without proper nutrition and a varied diet of fresh wholesome food, our cells forget and the oxygen machine which is our body weakens.

But cancer is something in the genes, you say. Perhaps so but there is a relatively new science theory called “epigenetic” which speaks of what can and does happen to the body outside of DNA sequences. The saying that ‘you are what you eat’ has not ever been truer.

We, at WhatNext , are either fighting now or have won our immediate battles and are trying to get on with our lives. I am saying to you (along with Luise Light, the creator of the original USDA Food Pyramid and the American Cancer Society) that you need to help yourself and your doctor to beat down this monster, cancer, by nourishing yourself in the best way possible. Best may or may not be exactly as your heritage teaches.

Over two decades ago, I contracted what I now call Farrah Fawcett cancer; a squamous cell carcinoma which presented externally, behind my anus. I am alive while Farrah, a brightly shining “candle in the wind”, is a light now extinguished.

Doctors, back then, agreed squamous cell carcinoma is a fast growing type of skin cancer. It took me 13 years of making doctor appointments, removing my panties, bending over, spreading my cheeks and asking “What is that?” to get properly diagnosed. I erred in going to many different doctors in a variety of specialties instead of insisting and pestering one or three docs to help me. Like all of us, doctors are busy and have short attention spans. I was lucky that Fate stepped in to break my right big toe and sideline me for many months while I pouted, unable to walk, and feeding my sorrows with daily quarts of organic chocolate ice cream.

I gained 60 pounds, the tumor grew along with the rest of me, and surgery was no longer strictly cosmetic to remove a “wart” or “hemorrhoid” because walking was uncomfortable. Once the tumor was removed, a biopsy was performed and the growth proved to be cancerous but despite all the time passed, it was barely stage 2. In 2002, I underwent chemotherapy and radiation. I survived cancer. Farah did not.

I remember what my brilliant oncologist said at the time of our meeting. There was no history of cancer in my immediate family. He said “Well, that wasn’t caused by sunlight or cigarettes.” He understood epigenetics although neither of us yet knew the true cause of my tumor.

In my adult life I have eaten mostly fruit, greens and animals with one leg (veggies!). Most of my food is unheated. I believe this gives me advantage. I can’t think of another reason why squamous cell would grow so slowly in me and so quickly in so many others. I believe our food choices can help knock out cancer, help shrink tumors, and give us strength while we undergo treatments. I urge you to learn about and make a majority of your meals of raw and living foods. If you eat meat, make it more a side dish than a centerpiece at dinner. Lightly steam veggies if you cook them and, please, please, ease up on the sugar. When a majority of your food is plant based and unheated or lightly steamed, you give yourself a hand up in nutrition, your body a chance to help itself and you get to enjoy a thoroughly excellent, delicious and mostly Raw Deal.

Healthy best wishes.

Geekling is an active WhatNexter on the site and she is an author and always available to help others fighting cancer on the site. Stop by her profile page and say hi and thanks for her info on eating healthy.

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