Staying Positive and Keeping the Fear of Recurrence Away

by Brittany McNabb

The fear of recurrence is normal and something that cancer survivors face daily. The fear of recurrence can have the power to paralyze WhatNexters from living their life to the fullest, but it does not have to. There are ways to stay positive and there are ways to conquer your fears. While it may not be easy, it is possible. Here are some ways to stay positive and keep the fear of recurrence away. 

Staying Positive And Keeping The Fear Of Recurrence Away

I choose happiness instead of fear.

"On the outside chance that I have a recurrence, I will be in a better frame of mind to face it and fight. Worry doesn't change the chances, it only robs you of the joys of today, makes you physically ill and takes your strength. I have been through enough so I deserve to appreciate all the happiness I I can grasp. Make the most of each day is my goal." - DeniseD

I tell myself 'I have cancer - it doesn't have me.'

"My cancer hasn't, and barring a real miracle won't gone away. Nevertheless, the worry of spreading is always with me on some level. My favorite saying is "I have cancer, cancer doesn't have me" and I try to live that. I do not want it controlling me or my life any more than necessary." - LiveWithCancer

I hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Positive Thoughts

"I do not worry. As always, I take care of myself as best as I know how and can manage and check myself out as I've been with my body for some time now and do know it best. Hope is more productive than worry. People tell me to keep my expectations low so as to avoid disappointment. I just do like Jackie Chan says, 'Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.'" - geekling

I focus on personal health goals instead of worrying about recurrence.

"My main focus is to now get to a healthy weight range (my BMI is in the obesity range); I'm aiming for a healthy change in my lifestyle. Anything that I can do to "better my odds," I'm going to do. I value time so much more and I'm trying to make the most of that. There are no guarantees in life, and I figure the best way to face the future, whatever it may hold, is to (as Helen Keller said) 'Look the world straight in the eye.'" - Phoenix76

I communicate with my doctors to ease the fear.

"When it's time for a checkup the fear ramps up, the 'scanxiety' but I need those answers and good communication with my doctors when concerns come up to reassure me I'm okay help a lot. The longer I was in remission the easier it got and the scans weren't any scarier than getting my teeth cleaned." - jenleahlynn

Doing something for someone else helps me to stay positive.

Don't Forget The Love

"Right now with my cancer I will always be on chemotherapy. I am doing well and considered stable. Even so I work on enjoying life in the moment and doing my best to not worry about what has not yet happened in terms of cancer progression. It always lifts my spirits when I am able to do something for someone else, even if it's just a little thing." - rwhdesmoines

I try to keep fear and worry in a safe perspective.

"Given what we have all gone through (and I'm sure many of us were blindsided when we were first diagnosed) it would be unrealistic not to worry. But one of my favorite mantras is that 'Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles but only today of its strength.'" - Dianem

I try to spend time being grateful instead.

Achieving Personal Wellness With Gratitude

"I was worried at first about recurrence, but then I realized it was a waste of my time and energy to worry about it. If/when it comes back, I will deal with it then. I spend my time being grateful for each day I do have. I stop and smell the roses a lot." - HeidiJo

I focus on enjoying life.

"The fear of recurrence is like a shadow over my shoulder sometimes, especially when something seems odd or new with my body. Most of the time I carry on just fine and am enjoying life every day. But...that worry is there!" - suz55

I have gone from patient mode to survivor mode and that keeps my outlook positive.

Tell Survivor Stories

"It is always on the back of my mind. It used to be more upfront and I would worry constantly about cancer coming back, but as I grow more into survivor mode from the patient mode, I don't worry quite as much as when I was going through the surgeries, chemo and radiation. If it comes back, I will fight again, just as hard." - cllinda

How do you keep the fear of recurrence away and stay positive? Share your successes below so others can feel the joy from them and be inspired themselves.

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