Steve Garvey contributes to prostate cancer awareness via his own battle

by GregP_WN

Steve Garvey, former Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres first baseman, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in September 2012. His cancer was removed in October; Garvey has resolved to spend a considerable amount of his time and money raising awareness for the cancer. Garvey feels a strong calling on behalf of his disease.

Steve Garvey

Garvey was surprised by his diagnosis, but he has some family history of prostate cancer. His father was diagnosed with prostate cancer at 64 and lived for 19 years after. Garvey is 64 years old. Garvey combines optimism with the reality of any cancer diagnosis as he moves forward. Garvey is currently healthy.

Garvey begun by putting some of his memorabilia up for auction through SCP Auctions; Garvey will give 70% of the proceeds towards prostate cancer awareness. These items include his 1974 National League Most Valuable Player Award and his 1981 World Series Championship ring. Bids are open until April 10. Garvey’s diagnosis has humbled him to give back in many ways.

The fact that Garvey could be inspired by such a daunting disease really hits home with all of us. What have you done to give back to your cancer community? How do you raise awareness in big or small ways for your type or other types of cancer?

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