The Power of Giving - Gifts for Chemo Patients

by Brittany McNabb

The act of giving can be infinitely powerful. Not only does it bring joy to the person that receives but also to the person who gives. If you are going through chemotherapy or have a friend or loved one with cancer, you might benefit from the act of giving to others. You won't know how good it feels to touch or inspire a person with any big or small act until you try.

Gift Ideas For Chemo Patients

One WhatNexter, SparkSeeker, is a good example of someone who values the act of giving. She is a cancer patient herself and realized that giving to others with her same disease brings her joy and distracts from her own pain.

"I would like to provide small gifts for patients at the hospital, currently undergoing chemotherapy. The smallest gesture can make a big difference :) I have received various gifts from complete strangers that provide such hope, inspiration, and happiness during this entire process, and I really enjoy helping others." 

Whether you are a patient or friend, get in touch with your giving side and take a little extra time to do something for someone else; you'll be surprised at how much a difference one person can make. If you are not sure what to give, we have brainstormed some ideas from WhatNexters below.

- Soft chemo caps (If hand knit or crochet you may want to use natural fibers so it does not irritate their scalp.)

- Gift cards for food, groceries, restaurants, or gas

- Homemade lap blanket

- Ear plugs and eye mask

- Decorated water bottle (You could decorate with puffy paint)

- Book of positive or inspirational quotes

- Neck pillow

- Fuzzy socks

- Mug or jar full of sour candies or mints

- Mix CD burned with songs they like or inspirational music

- Sudoku, crossword puzzles, word search

- Light-hearted movies

- Unscented bath products

- A basket of baked goods

- Recent magazines they might like

- A good cup of coffee

- Handmade cards (Get together with their family or friends and make cards for them and send them all at once in a basket. Some people also like the thrill of receiving snail mail - especially if their loved ones live far away.)

- Cool t-shirt with inspirational phrase like "Keep Calm and Carry On" or something relating to beating cancer. 

Keep in mind that a chemo basket or "care package" could be a great way to combine a lot of these gift ideas. Many say that the best gift is the gift of quality time. If you have time to sit with someone through chemo or have time to bring gifts yourself to their chemo center then that might be the best thing you can do. 

Chemo Quality Time

"I got to spend some wonderful time today with this beautiful lady at the cancer center. Her beauty shines out of her from the inside. Thank you Cinnamon Ramsey for the gift of a great day, even while getting chemo." - dan7264

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