The Top 10 Questions Colon Cancer Patients Are Asking

by GregP_WN

When we are diagnosed with cancer we immediately have all sorts of things running through our minds. Questions start popping up about everything from will I die, to will treatment hurt, and how long will all of this take? A survey of our WhatNext Colon Cancer Community revealed these top 10 questions that colon cancer patients are asking. 

1) Does a port implant hurt to have put in?

Port Installation

"I am having a power port done on Saturday because my veins keep blowing. I have been told that they do not hurt and are a good thing, but this is by ppl that do not have one. So I wanted to hear from anyone that has had one. I am a little nervous about it." 
Thank you,

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2) After having surgery to remove two tumors, when should I have the second colonoscopy?


I have had surgery to remove two tumors. One was so big that they couldn't get the camera past it during the initial colonoscopy. This tumour was stage 3B (the other was stage 1) and had gone into 3 lymph nodes. I have to have chemo - should I have a colonoscopy first to find out what's in the rest of the colon or wait till after the 6-month chemo treatment? The doctor says it's up to me!-

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3) What is one piece of advice you would give to someone newly diagnosed?

Colon Cancer Tips And Advice

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone newly diagnosed?

Now that I am moving on to survivorship, I want to be able to help those who are newly diagnosed. What was the best advice you received when diagnosed? 

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4) Has anyone managed to survive 12 rounds of FOLFOX?

Folfox Chemotherapy

I've finished cycle 2 and cannot imagine how anyone can do 12 which is what I am down for. Side effects are just too much. I seem to have had them all and am constantly just taking meds for one or the other.

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5) I am stage III but feel like I am stage IV. Is it normal to feel like I'm dying?

Stage Iv

I am stage three, but my rectal ultrasound found an area that was new and distant, and that doctor started he would put me at stage four. My oncologist decided he wants to tell me I'm still a three. I feel pretty bad. Lymph nodes all over my body are hiring and swelling. My bladder is cramping severely and sometimes I get bloody pee. My vaginal wall is compromised, so no sex.

They are taking care of my pain well, but I feel like I'm dying. Is this normal?

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6) I am scared of what chemo might be like!

Sara 1st Chemo

It is only those who have experienced this that can fully understand how we feel. Fortunately, my husband will be coming to the oncologist with me and he takes all the notes as my mind just can't hold the information right now.

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7) Chemo for the rest of my life?

Chemotherapy For Life 1

What will my life be like when I have to take chemo for the rest of my life? I will probably lose my hair as I am going to be taking Folfiri. When will it grow back if I have to take it all the time?

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8) Do you bring someone with you to chemo infusions?

Ride To Doctor

I always go alone for my chemo, but recently my oncologist mentioned that he had not seen my husband in months. I prefer to be left alone. Do physicians draw any conclusions based on whether or not one infuses alone or with a crowd? I know if my husband was with me that I would have to spend my time managing his anxiety. I prefer to sit alone and think. What about the rest of you? (I will have chemo every 12 days for a year. I am at the halfway point.)

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9) I would like to hear from the survivors

Hello I Am A Survivor

We have a whole community of survivors on this site. Could you all please tell us how long ago you were diagnosed, and what do you think made you a survivor. If you could give everyone with cancer the best piece of advice you could, what would it be? I know we would love to hear from all of you.

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10) Colostomy with a permanent bag

Living With A Colostomy

Just found out my tumor is too low in the rectum for reconstruction so I will have an operation to give me a permanent bag. Does anyone have any success stories or hints to share about getting a bag... no horror stories, please!

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What questions do you have about any issue that a colon cancer patient may face? Drop in at WhatNext and ask them here. There are always lots of people ready and willing to answer, support, and motivate you through your own fight. 

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