The Top 5 Reasons I Was Late for Work During Cancer Treatment

by GregP_WN

Any cancer patient knows that if you're counting on things being done right on schedule, you should probably look for something other than cancer treatments, appointments, procedures, etc. So these are the Top 5 reasons I have been late to work. I bet you can relate.....

1) The Radiation Machine was broken......again. How many times have you arrived at the center only to be told, "sorry, the machine is down, we will reschedule you asap"?

Out Of Order Radiation


2) I arrived for my 8AM appointment with my Oncologist at....8AM, he arrived at 9:30. I imagine there's not one of us that has never had this happen, right? I know they're busy, but our time is important too!

Doctor Is Late


3) My chemo Nurse couldn't find a vein, stuck me 4 times! We love our Nurses, but we always seem to get the one that is having a bad day or the rookie when we really need to be out of there and on our way asap. I offered to leave this book for them.

Blowing A Vein


4) The Chemo Brain kicked in and I took a few wrong turns on my way to work. I'm sure you have all had your share of chemo brain episodes, but while driving to work I took a few wrong turns that took at least an hour out of my schedule.

Wrong Way Driver


5) "I  couldn't decide between wearing a wig, a scarf or going bald. I decided to go bald, but no matter what I tried on, I still looked like a sick cancer patient". Have you ever had that moment when you didn't want to look like a cancer patient that day, but no matter what, you still did? Fashion is tough for a cancer patient. 

Cancer Patient


What cancer related excuses have you had to use for being late for work while having treatments? Let us hear it!

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