Things to Bring to Chemo - Part II

by Brittany McNabb

Things To Bring To Chemo   Part Ii

Your first chemo treatment is coming up and you’re not sure what to expect. As a follow-up to our first post on 22 Things to Bring to Chemo, we have added 15 more things thanks to Facebook Contributors. Getting some of these things together might ease your anxiety about going to your first chemotherapy treatment; these are simply suggestions, but we hope that some will help you!

Top Response: According to feedback from our first post, one of the most popular answers on "What to Bring to Chemo" was a friend. Some WhatNexters agree that having someone to talk to and support you helps to pass the time and keep you emotionally stable for the X amount of hours that you are at the infusion center. For loved ones of those with cancer, keep in mind that spending quality time with a cancer patient is one of the nicest and most valuable things you can do for them.

Bring Friend To Chemo


1. Courage

Attending your first session of chemotherapy might be scary, but finding courage and preparing to fight will help you as you take the next step in fighting cancer.

Bring Courage To Chemo


2. Hand Lotion, Hand Sanitizer, and Lip Balm

Some WhatNexters experience dry or cracked skin and lips during chemotherapy and it helps them to be able to moisturize throughout. Generally it just makes them feel more comfortable. 

Bring Hand Lotion


3. Crackers or Other Easy Snack

Your tastes may have changed due to treatment, but many WhatNexters say they packed a small and easy snack like crackers or cookies. Some suggests crackers with cheese or crackers with peanut butter. 

Bring Crackers To Chemo


4. Ear Plugs

Some WhatNexters like to listen to music but some like to be able to block out all noise and take a snooze.

Bring Ear Plugs To Chemo


5. Book with Post-It Reminders

One WhatNexter took an inspirational book to chemo every time and put post-it reminders on pages that were inspiring to them.

Bring A Book With Reminders To Chemo


6. Pictures of Family

Some parents say that it helps them to take pictures of their kids to remind them why they are fighting and to keep them positive when they get discouraged during chemo.

Bring Pictures To Chemo


7. Water Bottle

Bring A Water Bottle To Chemo


8. Sense of Humor

Some WhatNexters find that unique sense of humor and bring it to chemo; they say that laughter is contagious and a sense of humor not only affects their attitude while they are at chemo, but spreads that positivity to other patients and staff. 

Bring A Sense Of Humor To Chemo


9. TV Series/Netflix

A lot of WhatNexters bring a collection of movies to watch while they are chemotherapy, but some choose a TV series on Netflix because they can watch a lot of episodes in a row. Some choose to watch routines from their favorite comedians to keep things light-hearted.

Bring Netflix To Chemo


10. Special Neck Pillow

A pillow is a good item to bring to chemo to make yourself more comfortable, but some even bring a neck pillow like the ones you take on an airplane. It makes it easier to rest in the chemo chair comfortably.

Bring Neck Pillow To Chemo


11. Cancer Survivor

Along the same lines as bringing a friend, some WhatNexters say it is even more valuable to bring a friend who is also a cancer survivor. Bringing a cancer survivor gives you an unique sense of bravery and inspiration because you have living proof of surviving right there next to you!

Bring Cancer Survivor To Chemo


12. Two Copies of Word Search/Crossword Puzzles/ or Sudoku

One WhatNexter said that she would bring two copies of different types of puzzles so she could race with her husband and see who could finish it first.

Bring Word Puzzles To Chemo


13. Ice Chips/Popsicles for Mouth Sores

Some WhatNexter bring hard candies or lemon drops to suck on to help with mouth sores but some prefer eating ice chips or sucking on popsicles.

Bring Popsicles To Chemo


14. Heating Pad

One Facebook contributor would bring a heating pad to chemo because he experienced back pain; it also helped keep him warm. Check with your care team before you use a heating pad during chemo.

Heating Pad To Chemo


15. Positive Attitude

Lastly, one of the most valuable tools to bring to chemo is a positive attitude. Whatever it takes to find a positive attitude, do your best to bring it to chemotherapy with you. A lot of WhatNexters say that a positive, can-do attitude makes the fight feel a little easier. 

Bring A Positive Attitude


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