Things to Do On the 4th of July

by Jane Ashley

The Fourth of July is always one of those happy times of the year. For many families, the Fourth of July has become the date for an annual family reunion. Traditions vary – everyone comes to grandma’s house – or the family rents a large beach house big enough for the entire family. 

Happy Fourth Of July

Even if there’s not a family reunion in your plans, plan to have fun on the Fourth of July. Maybe this is the year to start a new family tradition. Here are some fantastic ideas.

Go on a picnic to a lesser-known state park. Avoid the crowds by picking a less-visited state park or another scenic place. Make gourmet ham sandwiches with the best quality cheese. Spurge on the bread and ingredients. Take some homemade brownies for dessert. Fill a small ice chest with crushed ice and fill with water bottles and your favorite soft drink favor. Pack a couple of folding chairs in case you find a lake or stream to sit beside.

Go to a fireworks display. You’re never too old to start a new family tradition. Fireworks are fun, and it’s going to cooler in the evening. Take a folding chair and relax – people watching is an added bonus to the fireworks.

A Day At The Park

Invite some neighbors over to play outdoor games. If your backyard is nice and level, invest in a couple of outdoor games like corn hole or horseshoes. Invite some neighbors. Serve bottled water, lemonade or other pre-made beverages from a cooler with ice.

Attend a parade. If the weather isn’t going to be too hot, consider attending a Fourth of July Parade. Nothing is more festive than red, white and blue decorations and bands playing your favorite patriotic songs.

Go to an antique car show. The men in your family will enjoy seeing old cars. On your way home, grab a quick bite at a new restaurant.
Go to a baseball game. Whether it’s a major league or minor league, you’ll have fun. If you’re sensitive to the heat or sun, choose a night game.

Host a potluck dinner. Nothing is more fun than potluck because everyone brings a dish. You supply ice, drinks and paper plates. Remember that not everyone on your block has family close by. They might welcome an impromptu get-together.

You’ll never too old to make s’mores. I can’t believe that I have never made s’mores. So I’m thinking that I’m going to make s’mores for dessert on Fourth of July night. Since my hubby loves chocolate and marshmallows, I’m sure that he’ll love them – in fact, I’ll probably have to make them on a regular basis.

Decorate with red, white and blue. Every “dollar” store has cute home décor items in red, white and blue. Put something on your front door. Decorate your table with a red-checkered tablecloth and bright blue plastic plates. It only takes a little effort and a few dollars to celebrate your life in the here and now.

Go to an aviation museum. If you’re near a Navy or Air Force base, there might be an aviation museum located on the base. And they might have special activities planned for the Fourth of July.

Attend A Fireworks Display

Attend a military band concert. Lots of riverfront parks offer a military band concert as part of their Fourth of July activities. Most of these venues provide shuttle bus service so that you don’t have to walk that far.

Grill a good steak at home. Last but not least, there is nothing like grilling a good steak at home and serving it with a baked potato, butter and sour cream. 

By now, you’ve probably figured out that what I’m suggesting is that you celebrate LIFE on the Fourth of July. All of us would prefer not to have diagnosed with cancer, but here we are.

WhatNexters are a special group of people who embrace life and practice “seizing the day.” Who knows? You might be creating a new family tradition with your choice of what to do on this Fourth of July.

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