Thyroid Cancer-How I Won

by GregP_WN

My name is Elaine Savard, emsavard on WhatNext. I am a papillary thyroid cancer
survivor since 1997. I have endured many different experiences with this cancer and
would like to share how.

Belief 1

Thyroid cancer is a cancer that changes your life completely. This cancer involves the removing of the thyroid gland, known as the “master gland” of the body. We forever have to regulate the very important thyroid hormones with a little pill

How do you deal with thyroid cancer? 

“Worry is a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind. If encouraged, it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts drain.” Arthur Somers Rache.
How are you going to deal with this diagnosis will be determined by your frame of mind. Your frame of mind can be set by how you are told you have thyroid cancer. The very first thing my oncologist told me was that I was not going to die from this cancer. Therefore, right there and then, I knew that I was going to beat this villain. For the most, we as thyroid cancer patients, find a new normal. At times it may be
difficult as it can be with any other disease or condition. 

This is how I learned to live with it:
• I worked very hard to stay in a positive state. I surrounded myself with family
and friends that enabled me to stay in that state. When I did have a down time,
I accepted and allowed the feeling for a short period of time. I set a timer for
about 15 minutes and feel sorry for myself and then I move on. It is difficult at
first but it works.
• I have accepted that the “C” word will be a part of my life for ever. I will have to
have regular check-ups and blood work. I have to take a little pill everyday for
the rest of my life. Thatʼs all I allow thyroid cancer to have of me.
• I have taken many personal development courses. This has helped
tremendously on staying in the positive state.
• I exercise regularly and eat a clean, balanced diet. I work out 3-4 times a week
and do not eat or drink any junk food. My sugar intake is minimal.
• By share my knowledge by blogging. My mission is to help any new thyroid
cancer patients with their journey.

 Join me on my blog to get more of my experiences and
personal advise that doctors will not tell you!

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