Tips for Dealing with Constipation

by Karen Glowacki

ConstipationMost people have had those times when it's been, um, tough to "go." But for people dealing with cancer treatments, constipation can become more of a regular occurrence. We turned to some experts on cancer and constipation - people who've been through it, to see what worked for them. Here are their tips:

  1. It is absolutely vital that the oncologist be aware of and approve all medications whether they are prescription, OTC, supplements, herbs, or home remedies. Many can interfere with the efficacy of chemo, others can result in adverse reactions with other medications. -- Nancyjac
  2. Miralax worked the best for me. It took about a week to really kick in, then everything was usually great. If I had an especially bad bout with it, I'd eat tons of prunes along with taking the Miralax. -- ImStillHere
  3. Drink 8 cups of water a day, eat a very high fiber diet and avoid caffeine and low fiber foods (e.g., avoid pasta, white rice, and potatoes without skins). Milk of Magnesia worked for me. -- Cindy
  4. I would prepare for the constipation by taking senna (Senokot) as recommended by my onco nurses. I also became very, very good at chugging prune juice...watered down was easier to get down! -- IKickedIt
  5. I juice. Kale, lemon, celery, apples, etc. I stick with the green juices not the fruit. I juice everyday, maybe about an 8 ouce glass. Does it for me. -- Bellamore
  6. A friend swears by aloe vera juice for constipation. I seem to do best with stool softeners, lots of water, lemon and fiber foods. -- Blue

What else would you add to the list? Share your ideas in the comments below. thanks!

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