Tom Aspell - Dies After 2-Year Battle With Lung Cancer

by GregP_WN

At 62 years old, retired NBC foreign news correspondent died Monday after a two-year battle with lung cancer. Aspell worked with NBC for 28 years.

The longtime career with NBC is remembered over his battle with cancer. His ability to leave a legacy, even in his sickness, is notable. Co-workers report that Aspell was humble, shrewd, quick on his toes, cool under pressure, and certainly outstanding in his field.

Nbc Aspell Tom.Grid 4x2

Aspell covered the fall of Saigon along with the capture of Saddam Hussein, the Bosnian War, and Beirut and Baghdad. His composure under pressure was reflected in his profession, but it was also implemented in his battle with lung cancer.

This man’s story, is a true testament to the ability to make an impact on the world even with the inevitable disadvantage that cancer brings. Aspell’s life and career is an encouragement and inspiration to all WhatNexter’s who have “been there”. It helps with the realization that cancer changes some things but does not have to change every aspect of your life. Does Aspell’s story resonate with you? How do you maintain a “new normal” despite your diagnosis? What stories of others bring you hope?

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