Tongue Cancer Survivor Inspires Judges and World on British X-Factor

by GregP_WN

Karl Dimachki , tongue cancer survivor, wowed the judges and all viewers of the British X-Factor with his beautiful singing voice and inspiring story. Dimachki was diagnosed with tongue cancer 16 months ago; he had half of his tongue removed, portions of cancer shaved from his voice box, and lymph nodes removed. The doctors told him it would take 3-5 years to get his voice back to normal; 15 months later Dimachki’s voice sounds more beautiful than ever.

An avid singer before his diagnosis, this was a hard pill to swallow. However, it is obvious through his spirit that he immediately resolved that the cancer would not rob him of his talent. Dimachki walked onto the stage ready to tell his story and sing his heart out. His performance brought many to tears. When it got down to the ‘yes or no’ portion of the audition, he sweetly petitioned to the judges by telling them that he just wanted a chance to “prove his point”; Dimachki wants to inspire all people with cancer to accomplish their dreams no matter what. The judges let him through, not out of pity, but because they were truly inspired by his voice and passion.


In some way, big or small, everyone in the audience could relate to Dimachki’s story. Whether it is a battle with cancer, another kind of struggle, or possibly a loved one fighting cancer, Dimachki touched all. He is a testament to the solid truth that cancer may knock you down temporarily, but it cannot rob you of your dreams.

Please tell us your story. What dreams have you continued to pursue despite the setbacks that cancer has brought? In what ways have you felt inspired by others?

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